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Ai program with some demo.
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Ai program with some demo.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to ESIE!

ESIE (pronounced "easy") is the acronym for Expert System
Inference Engine. ESIE is, according to many people working
in Artificial Intelligence (AI), an "expert system shell."

With ESIE you can put some "smarts" into your personal
computer. You can build custom "knowledge bases" (KBs) that
can be used to aid people, like you and me, in doing things
that we would not be capable of doing, or doing as well,
without the system. ESIE knowledge bases can be built to
help us make decisions or to make our computers "more human."

May I suggest that you make a copy of the ESIE distribution
diskette before you get started? This will make it easier
for you to pass ESIE along to your friends and associates.

You can use either the DOS COPY *.* command or the DOS
DISKCOPY command to copy the distribution diskette. ESIE is
perfectly at home in hard disk systems.

ESIE comes with its own manual on the distribution diskette.
To print this manual enter the command:


at the DOS prompt.

If you want to see ESIE in action before you do anything,
then slide the diskette in a floppy disk drive and type in
the command:


The ESIE introductory screen will appear. At the top of this
screen ESIE is asking you to supply the file name where the
knowledge can be found. Type in ANIMAL.

You will next be brought to the ESIE top level. Think of an
animal that you want ESIE to find. Then type in GO. Answer
the questions ESIE puts to you correctly and it will figure
out what the animal is.

To get a printed copy of this file, READ.ME, enter:


at the DOS prompt.

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