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Speaker device driver.
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Speaker device driver.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This file was modified by Karl Brendel on 11-06-87 to reflect the
separation of the DRVSPKR files into two .ARC files for uploading to
CIS. The file SPKDD1.ARC contains the speaker driver and
documentation. The file SPKDD2.ARC contains files of music which can
be played through the speaker driver. SPKDD1.ARC has been uploaded to
IBMSW, and both files have been uploaded to IBMNEW.

September 13, 1987


The files which are contained on this diskette are too large to fit on a
single diskette as individual files. Therefore, they have been packed
into the archive file which you have probably already discovered. Also on
the diskette is a copy of the command "PKXARC.EXE" which you can use to
unpack the archive into the individual files which you can actually use!

If you are unpacking the archive onto your hard disk, I suggest that you
first create a subdirectory for these music files:

mkdir c:\music
cd c:\music
a:pkxarc a:spkmusic
dir *.spk

If you only have a floppy disk system, then you will need to extract only
a few of the files from the archive at a time, as they will not all fit on
one 360K floppy disk. To decide which ones to do first, you'll want to
get a listing of all the members of the archive, and then copy some of them
to another diskette. The following is just an example, which you will
probably need to change based upon your system!

a:pkxarc -v a:spkmusic
rem Read the list you just got and pick a couple of items
a:pkxarc a:spkmusic willtell.spk ihold.spk funeral.spk
rem The above command extracts the three music files shown

Once you have extracted one or more of the music files from the archive, you
can get them to play (assuming that you have the Speaker Device Driver
installed!) by entering a command line like:

copy nutcrakr.spk spkr:


(Gordon E. Peterson II) [75116,3524]

Noah Systems
P.O. Box 40476
San Antonio, TX 78229-1476
United States of America

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