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Demostration of SPF/PC.
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Demostration of SPF/PC.
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Download File SPFDEMO.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

* *
* This is a DEMO version of SPF/PC 2.0 which provides all *
* the functionality of ISPF/PDF 2.2 on MVS. *
* *

To run the demo version of SPF/PC 2.0, type the command SPFDEMO and
press enter. The program is fully functional with the exception that
files may not be saved. To exit SPF/PC, press the F3 function key.

If you like, the contents of the diskette may be copied to a
subdirectory on a hard disk and the program executed from there.

If you are on a color monitor, please indicate that on panel 0.4.

Call technical support at (415) 339-3530 if you have any questions or
problems running the demo version of SPF/PC.

Command Technology Corporation
1900 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94611

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