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TIPI tiny programming langauge, akin to Forth.

Full Description of File

TIPI version 1.0

A tiny (less than 10K) structured programming language. TIPI combines
elements of BASIC and Forth to create a unique, extensible programming
language. TIPI's small size and rich features make it ideal for programming
on palmtop computers such as the Atari Portfolio or the HP-95LX. TIPI
contains a built-in debugger and full documentation. TIPI is shareware
and costs $25 to register.

Requires 120K of RAM, can run from a floppy.

File TIPI.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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TIPI tiny programming langauge, akin to Forth.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANYBASE.TPI 1029 510 deflated
BATCMD.BAT 17 17 stored
BATMENU.BAT 65 58 deflated
BATMENU.TPI 842 420 deflated
BENCH.TPI 251 142 deflated
BLASTOFF.TPI 70 64 deflated
CALLTEST.TPI 173 138 deflated
CASE$.TPI 917 453 deflated
DEMO.BAT 19 19 stored
DO.TPI 28 28 stored
ERROR.TPI 140 118 deflated
FILELIST.BAK 426 199 deflated
FILELIST.TXT 2298 1043 deflated
FILEPOS.TPI 159 109 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 459 305 deflated
HANGMAN.BAT 18 18 stored
HANGMAN.TPI 2664 940 deflated
HELLO.TPI 36 36 stored
HI.TPI 44 42 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 31 31 stored
MENU.TPI 1753 635 deflated
MORSE.TPI 2725 557 deflated
MOUSE.TPI 2251 782 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2730 818 deflated
PIXEL.TPI 207 87 deflated
POWERS.TPI 480 246 deflated
PPUZZLE.TPI 1440 609 deflated
PUZ.BAT 18 18 stored
SETAPP.COM 1154 1140 deflated
SORT.TPI 680 377 deflated
SQRT.TPI 668 334 deflated
T.BAT 570 206 deflated
T.TPI 621 311 deflated
TABLOID.TPI 746 394 deflated
TEST.MNU 207 126 deflated
TIPI.ADR 21189 6054 deflated
TIPI.COM 9788 9245 deflated
TIPICALC.TPI 376 222 deflated
TIPIDOC.TXT 52016 14751 deflated
VARSAMPL.TPI 1947 673 deflated

Download File TIPI.ZIP Here

Contents of the FILELIST.TXT file

Here is a list of the files that make up this release of TIPI

ANYBASE.TPIConverts numbers to/from any base from
2 to 36.


BATMENU.BATRuns simple BAT menus. TEST.MNU is a sample


BENCH.TPIA simple benchmark to compare TIPI's speed
on various computers.

BLASTOFF.TPIA simple loop demo.

CALLTEST.TPIA demo of the CALL instruction.

CASE$.TPIA demo of the CASE$ instruction.

DEMO.BATA demo of the use of BATMENU.

DO.TPIAnother loop demo.

ERROR.TPIA program with a bug to get you started
with the debugger.


FILEPOS.TPIA demo of the FILEPOS instruction.

FILE_ID.DIZA brief description of TIPI.

HANGMAN.BATA bat file to run the hangman game.

HANGMAN.TPIThe TIPI code for hangman.

HELLO.TPIA "Hello World" program.

HI.TPIAnother "Hello World" program.

HISTORY.TXTTIPI's release history.

MENU.TPIA demo of a simple menu in TIPI.

MORSE.TPIA Morse code program.

MOUSE.TPIA demo of TIPI's mouse functions.

ORDER.FRMThe form to register TIPI. Why not fill it out
now and rid yourself of unnecessary guilt?

PIXEL.TPIA simple little program to draw PIXEL, the
computer guy.

POWERS.TPIA program that raises a number to powers

PPUZZLE.TPIA very challenging Rubik's cube type puzzle.

PUZ.BATA bat file to run the puzzle.

SETAPP.COMUsed by T.BAT to set the apps on the
Atari Portfolio.

SORT.TPIA demo of a stack-based sort routine.

SQRT.TPIA demo showing how fixed point math can
be used to calculate a square root.

T.BATThe TIPI Programmer's Workbench.

T.TPIThe TIPI program that runs the workbench.

TABLOID.TPIA silly program that generates tabloid-style

TEST.MNUA test menu for BATMENU

TIPI.ADRAn alphabetical list of all of the built-in
TIPI instructions. This is in Atari Portfolio
Address Book format, but it is a plain ASCII
file that may be printed or browsed by any PC.

TIPI.COMThe TIPI interpreter itself.

TIPICALC.TPIA simple integer RPN calculator.

TIPIDOC.TXTThe documentation for TIPI.

VARSAMPL.TPIA sample program demonstrating variables and

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