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Source code control system. Great for Programmers.
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Source code control system. Great for Programmers.
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Contents of the SCCS.DOC file

SCCS - Source Code Control System
(C) 1989. C. Pravetz
All rights reserved.

This Source Code Control System is designed to manage libraries of source
code created within a multiprogrammer environment.

Libraries are created for each program you are developing; and within each
library, SCCS maintains a copy of the latest five versions of each source
code file. The libraries are maintained with PKZip and PKUnZip, products
of Phil Katz, which must be registered with Mr. Katz.

Like a real library, SCCS permits programmers to "check out" a source file
for maintainance, and excludes others from using that file until it is
returned. In addition, SCCS permits users to extract copies of all the
latest source modules in order to create a compilable program, logs
modules back in if no changes were made, and maintains a log of all
activity for each library.

SCCS' commands are simple; you can use command line parameters or let SCCS
prompt you. Run SCCS without any command line parameters and SCCS will
display a list of the commands that are currently available.

SCCS creates several files:

SCCS.INF - SCCS' database
SCCS.INX - index to database
Library.ZIP - The Zipfile of source code for Library.
Library.SLG - Log file of Library activity.

Two caveats!
First, when you have two source files with the same name but different
extensions, SCCS will confuse the backup versions. Secondly, If you have
any source files with the extension .BK?, SCCS will likewise get confused.
This is because SCCS maintains backup copies of your source modules as
*.BK1, *.BK2, *.BK3 and *.BK4.

If you have questions or comments about SCCS, please contact me through
Exec-PC or CompuServe (72657,2530).

Registration of this product is required for use in any commercial
enterprise, corporation or for-profit activity.

Send a registration fee of $30.00 to:

P. Pravetz
133 Meadowbrook Drive
Bethel Park, PA 15102

(By the way, updates will include features to vary the number of backup
versions, create incremental change files instead of full versions, and
automatically cut off archives at version changes in your programs.)

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