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C compiler that produces Motorola 68000 code. Runs on a MS-DOS machine, and includes full C source code that can be compiled with Microsoft C.
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C compiler that produces Motorola 68000 code. Runs on a MS-DOS machine, and includes full C source code that can be compiled with Microsoft C.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANALYZE.C 17257 3109 deflated
C.H 3681 1282 deflated
CC68.EXE 55918 31130 deflated
CGLBDEC.H 1340 550 deflated
CGLBDEF.C 1349 592 deflated
CMAIN.C 2884 934 deflated
CODE.H 703 283 deflated
DECL.C 17349 2976 deflated
EXPR.C 35666 5190 deflated
EXPR.H 2462 876 deflated
FUNC.C 3504 1241 deflated
GEN.H 1728 597 deflated
GENCODE.C 37643 5066 deflated
GENSTMT.C 11831 2291 deflated
GETSYM.C 18159 3063 deflated
INIT.C 5568 1364 deflated
INTEXPR.C 1562 576 deflated
LIB.S 1330 543 deflated
LIST.C 4570 1037 deflated
MAKE.BAT 238 145 deflated
MEMMGT.C 3702 1000 deflated
OPTIMIZE.C 14916 1942 deflated
OUTCODE.C 11587 2407 deflated
PEEPGEN.C 10865 2189 deflated
PREPROC.C 2548 854 deflated
READ.ME 2404 1201 deflated
REGISTER.C 4707 1265 deflated
SEARCHKW.C 1760 727 deflated
SIEVE.C 493 253 deflated
STMT.C 12963 2213 deflated
SYMBOL.C 1514 598 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


68000 C compiler

Copyright 1984, 1985, 1986 Matthew Brandt.
all commercial rights reserved.

This compiler is intended as an instructive tool for personal use. Any
use for profit without the written consent of the author is prohibited.

This compiler may be distributed freely for non-commercial use as long
as this notice stays intact. Please forward any enhancements or questions

Matthew Brandt
Box 920337
Norcross, Ga 30092

This compiler is an optimizing C compiler for the Motorola 68000 processor.
It has successfully compiled itself on UNIX system V running on a Motorola
VME-10. Since this code was written for a machine with long integers it may
exhibit some irregularity when dealing with long integers on the IBM-PC.
The author makes no guarantees. This is not meant as a serious developement
tool although it could, with little work, be made into one. The bugs and
limitations of this compiler are listed below:

-Although you may declare floating point types the code generator does
not know how to deal with them. They should therefore be avoided.

-The preprocessor does not support arguments to #define'd macros or
any of #line #ifdef... etc. Only #include and #define are supported.

-Function arguments declared as char may not work properly. Declare
them as int.

-The size of functions is slightly limited due to the fact that the
entire function is parsed before any code is generated.

-The output of the compiler is in the UNIX 68000 assembler format.

To run the compiler type "cc68 sieve.c". This will compile the program sieve
and produce two files; sieve.lis is a source listing with a symbol type
reference; sieve.s is the 68000 assembly language produced.

The file lib.s is the assembly source for some runtime support routines
which must be loaded with the final code. The is no standard runtime library

The compiler can be compiled by microsoft C version 3.0 or higher. MSC will
issue lots of warnings but they can be ignored. The file make.bat will
rebuild the compiler if MSC is available.

If you wish to make commercial use of all or part of this package please
contact me at the above address or (404)662-0366. Any voluntary contribution
from non-commercial users will be greatly appreciated but is by no means
necessary. enjoy...
Matt Brandt

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