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Utility to disassemble Norton Guide files for printing or viewing.
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Utility to disassemble Norton Guide files for printing or viewing.
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Contents of the NGU.DOC file

Some notes on NGU.EXE, version 2.1:

This program 'unlinks' Norton Guide databases, and is written in Turbo
Pascal 5.5, making use of NG.TPU, a unit that can be used to acces
Norton Guide databases. The source of (I think a previous version
of) NGU.EXE, NGU.PAS can be found in the TP55NG15 package, which also
includes NG.TPU. Just released NGU as is, as someone required one without
having to bother with the sources.

The usage is very simple:


Enter guide without .NG extension. Using a Drive\Path designator is allowed,
but not recommended, as it messes up a bit the Make and Link files generated.

NGU generates .TXT files, containing the guide. The names of the TXT files


Where XXXX are the 4 first letters of the Guidename, i is the current top
menu item, j is the Menu choice. nn is a sequence number (for short lists
that reside Under another Short list). All numbers start at 0.

NGU also generates .LNK, for use with NGML, and .MAK,
a make file to recreate the Guide (after some editing, for example). The make
file is intended for use with Borland's MAKE utility, any version.

The best way to recreate the guide is:

>MAKE -f

NGU is provided for lawful purposes only, make sure you do not violate any
copyrights when Unlinking guides!

For myself, I use NGU quite a lot and do not even bother keeping the sources
of NG files I make, as NGU can always be used to restore the sources
quite accurately. There is a problem, however: NGU does not properly restore
SeeAlso references that refer to an Entry in another list, in another part
of the guide. This is in some cases annoying, but generally there aren't
many such references and they can then be restored easily manually. It is
technically possible to properly restore the references, but I didn't feel like
doing that, as it required another approach to the guide, and I wasn't pre-
pared to change the program that much.
Another program NGDD does not have that problem, but is buggy in another sense,
as it sometimes halts (or loops, anyway, reboot is the only option),
and.. It is more than 3 times slower than NGU.

You may use NGU freely, and the sources are in TP55NG15.. I shall release
TP60NG20 some day soon now, a NG.TPU (v2.0) unit for TP 6.0, of course,
completely Object oriented..

Pepijn Smits.

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