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A simple utility that will print out a Norton Guide.
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A simple utility that will print out a Norton Guide.
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Like most Clipper programmers I know, I have been very frustrated with
the lack of new manuals to accompany the Clipper 5.01 update. Out of
sheer desperation I wrote this utility which will create a printed manual
from any Norton Guides data file on any HP LaserJet compatible printer
(the program will also work on other printers, but the program uses
escape codes specific to the HP LaserJet family to create bold type)

You now have the means with which you can print your own Clipper 5.01
manuals from the .NG files which Nantucket provided.

In order to operate the program all you have to do is copy it into your NG
directory and type:


The program will print out the entire contents of the .NG file.

As this program was written very quickly, it has not been fully tested.
Therefore, any comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

I hope you find this utility as useful as I have (I can finally have all the
Clipper 5.01 info at my fingertips without having to turn on my PC every time
I want to look something up).

Be patient...the program takes a little while to print out the Clipper 5.01
.NG files as the are fairly large. If you ever find the need to abandon the
operation all you have to do is press a key.

Future upgrades will allow the user to request the printing of a specific
function definition instead of printing the whole manual.

Jeff Chown

Cipher Computing Inc.
181 Dawlish Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4N 1H6

CompuServe ID: 76427,1431

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