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NASA Neural Network Program - With C Source - Part 2 of 2.
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NASA Neural Network Program – With C Source – Part 2 of 2.
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Contents of the README file

NETS Version 2.0

author: Paul Baffes
Software Technology Branch
NASA, Johnson Space Center

This disk contains the NETS neural network simulator. NETS is free
to NASA and NASA contractors by calling (713) 280-2233. The general
public may obtain NETS and NETS documentation from COSMIC,
382 E. Broad St., Athens, GA, 30602. The number for COSMIC is
(404) 542-3265.

This disk contains the executable code for NETS version 2.0. Two
example files are also contained on this disk to give the user a
place to start in defining his/her own networks. Note that no
editor is included with NETS as of this point. To make your own
network files, you may use any editor which can save files in ASCII
format. Finally, note that NETS comes with a complete User's Guide
to help you get started with neural network technology.


This computer program has been developed by an agency of the United States
Government. Distribution of this computer program, or any modifications
thereof, outside of the United States requires prior written permission of
NASA. Further distribution of this computer program within the United States
is permitted with the requirement that this notice appear on each copy.

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