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Very simple DOS shell for running programs or batch files. Works with mo.
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Very simple DOS shell for running programs or batch files. Works with mo.
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Contents of the EASYSHEL.DOC file

EASYSHELL (C) 1989 by David Smith Version 1.3

The program EASYSHEL.EXE is a shareware program.

EASYSHELL was made to be used as a simple dos shell. Add it to your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file to have a small, instant, easy shell to run your programs.
You could also use it within ProComm as one of its hot keys to run programs,.
or maybe use it to run programs within the Microsoft Editor. The main
section of code in EASYSHELL comes out of the CXL 'C' library, which I
highly recommend. EASYSHELL works with or without a mouse on monochrome
and colors computers.

You can tryout EASYSHELL by typing "EASYSHEL *.*".

Pressing the up arrow on the right side of the window with the mouse
causes the files to scroll up, the down arrow makes the files scroll down.
Page up and page down also work the same way. Pressing the first letter of
a file name takes you to the next file that begins with that letter,
or you can use the arrow keys.When the file you want is highlighted
press or press the mouse button. The program will execute and
when finished it will return to the EASYSHELL menu.

If you wish to add EASYSHELL to the Microsoft "M" Editor then
the following macros should be added to the editor initialization
file. The file is called TOOLS.INI. The file is found in
the directory where the "INIT" environmental path is set.

;----- EASYSHELL Macros ------------------------------
save_off:= arg "nosavescreen:" assign
save_on:= arg "savescreen:" assign
easyshell:= save_off arg "EASYSHELL *.*" shell save_on
save_off - Turns off the screen save function.
save_on - Turns on the screen save function.
easyshell - Runs EASYSHELL requesting that all files be displayed.
easyshell - Assign EASYSHELL to a key.

After these lines are added to the TOOLS.INI file, holding down the alt key
and pressing E activates EASYSHELL from within the "M" editor.

You could assign different file specifications to different keys in
the editor. For example: alt+c to list .COM files and
alt+u to list your utility files in \UTILITY\*.*

If a directory path is added to the file specification, then for every
'\' entered in the path, two must be entered. For the example above:
\UTILITY\*.* would be entered into the "M" editor initialization file as

easyshell:= save_off arg "EASYSHEL \\UTILITY\\*.*" shell save_on

EASYSHELL can also be run from the dos prompt.

USAGE: EASYSHEL [ PATH ] file specification

EASYSHEL*.COM Displays all the .COM files.
or EASYSHEL \UTIL\*.EXE Displays all .EXE in \UTIL directory.
or EASYSHEL*.* Lists all files in current directory.

David Smith
939 5th Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002

The monetary request for my effort is $5.00 if you use this program.
Everyone who sends $5.00 or more will receive information on how to
mark text and have it print on your printer from within the "M" editor.

If you send in $10.00 you will receive DIR_DO.DIR_DO will execute a dos
command or run a program in every subdirectory of your hard disk starting
with the directory which you specify. This is a very powerful program
for tasks that require a program be run in every directory of a hard disk.

DIR_DO "del *.bak" C: Deletes all .bak files on drive C:.
or DIR_DO DIR D:\SOURCE Lists every file in D:\SOURCE and its subdirectories.
or DIR_DO "del *.*" C: Deletes everything on drive C:
or DIR_DO "TS *.* JUNK" Use NORTON TEXT SEARCH to search
every directory for "JUNK"

If you send in $15.00 you will also receive FILEPICK in addition to DIR_DO.
FILEPICK will allow you to pick the next file to load into the Microsoft
"M" editor from within the editor. It works similarly to EASYSHELL.
It supports monochrome monitors, color monitors, and mice.


1.0 7/05/1989 Initial program.
1.1 7/14/1989 Added ability to start at different directory than the
current directory and start at a different drive.
1.2 7/15/1989 Added additional macros to keep screen from flipping.
1.3 7/18/1989 Added shadow to the window.
Wide display command line option.

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