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OPS5/pc Expert/production language system.
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OPS5/pc Expert/production language system.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

OPS5/pc 3.6 September 16, 1989

OPS5/pc was started about 2 years ago. It was put aside about a year ago
because of other committments by me, but I'm now back working on it again
and hope to make swift improvements. Over the next couple of months the
program will take a new direction. It will become more like todays popular
development environments and will offer better data and runtime control.

The documentation, OPS5-PC.PRN, is already formatted for any standard
printer. Just use the DOS command "COPY OPS5-PC.PRN PRN" to print it.
Registration information is included in the documentation.

There are a couple of sample OPS5 programs included (all files with an .OPS
extension). Since the manual included is not a full-blown tutorial on
OPS5 you may find these samples useful. In the Introduction I specify a
very good book on OPS5 for those who would like to pursue it further.
But, be warned. OPS5 is strictly a "pattern-matching" language with very
few creature-comforts that most programmers are accustomed to.

To run any of the sample programs, enter OPS5/pc and type:

(load )

..where is the OPS5/pc program to load. After loading and
compiling, type:

(run) execute it.

For example, to run BAGGER.OPS (a program that bags groceries), type:

(load bagger.ops)

NOTE: You may also type:

OPS5 BAGGER.OPS start OPS5/pc and run BAGGER.OPS in 1 step.

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