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Copy ROM modules to a disk file.
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Copy ROM modules to a disk file.
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COPYROM Version 1.01
(C) 1988 - DLF Solutions!

Sometimes when working with ROM extensions it would be nice
to copy the ROM to a disk file to allow easier de-bugging and searching
for specific addresses. COPYROM will copy ROM to a disk file that will
enable you to more easily work with the code. To use, enter COPYROM at
the DOS prompt followed by the segment address (in HEX), of the ROM you
wish to copy. Example: COPYROM C800, will copy the Hard Disk ROM to a
disk file named C800.ROM. Typing COPYROM without any parameters will
bring up a message displaying proper usage. COPYROM will verify that a
ROM module is present at the segment address you entered and will inform
you if it is not found. If found COPYROM will determine the ROM size by
examining the third byte of ROM which contains the ROM size in 512 byte
increments. COPYROM concludes by copying the ROM to a disk file and
displaying a message informing you of the disk file name. As always,
use this at your own risk, however, I would be interested in hearing
about any problems.

Douglas L. Fraleigh
1405 Sadlers Wells Dr.
Herndon, VA 22070


04/03/88Version 1.01First version released.

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