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VMS zoo archive programs.
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VMS zoo archive programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BILF.C 6109 2120 deflated
BILF.EXE 5120 1943 deflated
BILFBIG.EXE 40960 23978 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 5271 2087 deflated
README.1ST 1074 521 deflated
VMSZOO.DOC 17241 6098 deflated
ZOO.EXE 41472 21086 deflated
ZOOBIG.EXE 83456 45506 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Here is version 1.60 Release A of Zoo for VAX/VMS. It is being distributed
in executable form until its source code has been merged with that of the
portable version. The source code in C, compilable on both VAX/VMS and a
variety of other systems, will eventually be released.

Files in this archive are:

readme.1st You're reading this

install.doc Explains how to transfer zoo to VAX/VMS and install it
vmszoo.doc Describes VMS-specific features and restrictions

zoo.exe Executable zoo for VAX/VMS, uses shared library
zoobig.exe Like zoo.exe, but no shared library, hence more portable
bilf.exe File conversion utility, uses shared library
bilfbig.exe Like bilf.exe, but no shared library, hence more portable

bilf.c Source code in C for bilf.exe and bilfbig.exe

The full zoo manual is not included in this archive because I'm assuming
that if you are ready to use zoo on VMS, you already have the manual from
some other version.

-- Rahul Dhesi 1987/08/01

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