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Version control system for PC's, more user friendly than GNU's.
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Version control system for PC’s, more user friendly than GNU’s.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

--- VC4ONE V1.9 ---
--- (c) Copyright 1992 ---
---Tom Frahm ---

Version Control for One-Programmer Projects

VC4ONE is a programmer's solution to the need for some form of "version
control" for the individual "stand alone" PC/MS-DOS programmer. It's not
as full-featured as TLIB (from Burton Systems Software @$139.00) or PVCS
(from Polytron Corp. @$395.00), but it is quite easy to use (at least I
think so!) and it has some nice features for programmers. To install it,
simply follow the instructions contained in the file VC4ONE.DOC.

When you first start VC4ONE, you will be starting off with a "clean slate".
The system will, upon its first execution, "create" the initial catalog and
archive files as needed to complete the various funtions. Functionality
is designed to be pretty straight forward, so you should be able to get up
to speed with VC4ONE pretty quickly.

Important: This is still a "beta test" version of VC4ONE. Although I have
been using it for my own programming projects (including VC4ONE itself) and
it does not appear to have any known bugs, it is NOT DONE!!

*** Features that I am working on:

* Allow user '.INI' file to change ARCPRG from LHarc v1.13c to LHA v2.13.
* Add "Delete" function.
* Add "History" function.
* Whatever you suggest that is within the realm of my programming abilities!

*** Limitations and quirks that I am aware of:

* If you have a common archive/catalog for two languages whose filename
extensions begin with the same character, it is possible to have file
"collisions"... Example: If both HELLO.C and HELLO.COB are to be
tracked in the same catalog/archive combination, their "versions" will
conflict -- i.e. HELLO.C00 (from HELLO.C) and HELLO.C00 (from HELLO.COB).
Work-around is to keep these modules in separate catalog/archive sets.

I am hoping to someday sell VC4ONE as shareware. It continues to beg for
improvements. I basically want to know how you like VC4ONE, how it can be
improved, and most important, whether or not you think it shows any promise
of being a good tool for the PC/MS-DOS programmer!!

You can write to me at this address: Tom Frahm
2620 Lake Valley Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109

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