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FLODRAW is a flowchart drawing program that prints full page black and white diagrams. It will help you draw flowcharts, system diagrams, and electrical diagrams. Part 1 of 2.
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FLODRAW is a flowchart drawing program that prints full page black and white diagrams. It will help you draw flowcharts, system diagrams, and electrical diagrams. Part 1 of 2.
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Contents of the UPDATE.DOC file


This file describes the major features added to FLODRAW with each update.
The FLODRAW versions are listed beginning with version 2.2 and working
backwards to version 1.2. If you have been using an earlier version of
FLODRAW, you can review this file to see what features have been added

* New Features in FLODRAW 2.2 *

If you have version 2.1, the following features were added in

1. FLOPCX utility. You can convert FLODRAW files to PCX format
graphics files to use in other graphics programs. And you can
convert PCX files created in other graphics programs to
FLODRAW files. FLOPCX.EXE is on the Library Disk. Type FLOPCX
to see the FLOPCX menu.

2. FLOLIB utility. FLOLIB replaces the LIBRARY batch file in
earlier versions. FLOLIB reads a text file of symbol names to
build a library, so you can change or rearrange the symbols in
your library just by changing the symbol names in the text file.
FLOLIB.EXE is on the Library Disk. Type FLOLIB to see
instructions for using FLOLIB.

3. A form length for A4 size paper was added to the miscellaneous
printer options. Select F8 (Change Setup Options) at the entry
menu, then F (misc printer options), and F3 (form length).

4. The file name was added to the AUTO function so that FLODRAW
can display the correct file name on your diagram, even if you
rename the diagram file. See F5auto on the TEXT edit screen.

5. The FLODRAW system file of special characters, FLODRAW.CHR, was
changed to allow you to edit it directly. A help screen of
special characters was added with Alt-K (for Karacters).

6. The TEXT line function will stay on until you press ESC. This
makes it easy to add several lines at one time. See F6line on
the TEXT edit screen.

7. A 3DFLOW library has been added. This library has 3-dimensional
flowchart and computer symbols. This library is 3DFLOW.LIB on
the Library Disk.

* New Features in FLODRAW 2.1 *

If you have version 2.0, the following features were added in

1. Template files. You can set FLODRAW to automatically merge
a template file into your diagram when you start a new
diagram. A template file can contain headings, footings, etc.,
that are common to all your diagrams.

2. Special characters. You can use Ctrl-A through Ctrl-Z
to put special characters on the Text Edit screen. You
can customize these characters to suit your own needs.
Great for foreign alphabet characters or commonly used
character sized symbols.

3. Enhanced symbol menu. The symbol menu will shrink the symbol
only as much as necessary to show the symbol in the menu.
Small symbols will show full size so you can tell what they
are. The number of symbols allowed in a library has been
increased to 144. You can browse forward and backward
on the symbol menu and jump to the beginning or end of the

4. Wide carriage printer support. If you have a wide carriage
printer, you can use the first 132 columns in a large landscape
page to print a 14 inch wide diagram. Set the carriage width
when you select your printer.

5. A fast draft mode is now available for Epson LQ printers.

6. A 12 inch form option for European users. This option was
added for European users who use 12 inch forms instead of
11 inch forms. Note that this does not change the area of
the diagram, just the form length.

7. A dataflow symbol library has been added.

8. The electrical library has been revised and expanded.

9. The organization chart library and the small flowchart library
have been reinstated.

10. Library documentation files have been added. These are FLODRAW
diagrams that show the symbols used in each library.

* New Features in FLODRAW 2.0 *

If you have version 1.2 or earlier, the following features were added in

1. Screen color. You can customize the screen colors to suit
your taste. See "F8 Setup Options" on the entry menu.

2. Hard disk support. Includes sorted directory listing, saving
paths of often used directories, and setting default

3. Show files to print. Set the print flag option to automatic,
and FLODRAW will flag the files in the entry menu directory.
You'll always know which files will print before you use the
automatic print option. See "F7 Print Flagged Files" on the
entry menu.

4. Printer support for HP LaserJet +/II and also Gemini Star X 10.
See "F8 Setup Options" on the entry menu.

5. Support for multiple page diagrams. Use a two character page
number as the file extension of your diagram name. Then number
your pages sequentially, and FLODRAW will let you jump back and
forth between pages when you edit your diagram. Use Alt-N and
Alt-P on the TEXT edit screen. Alt-I inserts a new page
and renumbers existing pages where needed.

6. Automatic update of time, date and page number in your diagram.
If you put date, time, or page number in your diagram, let
FLODRAW maintain it for you. Date and time is always updated
when you save your diagram. Page number is updated when you
load your diagram. See "F5auto" on the Edit screen menu.

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