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Screen Master generates screen displaying source code for Turbo Pascal, dBase, and Basic. Very nice, and easy to use.
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Screen Master generates screen displaying source code for Turbo Pascal, dBase, and Basic. Very nice, and easy to use.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HELP2.@#$ 2050 391 deflated
HELP3.@#$ 2050 270 deflated
HELPC.@#$ 2050 528 deflated
MAINMENU.001 4000 241 deflated
MAINMENU.BAT 911 437 deflated
MENU1.@#$ 2050 257 deflated
READ.ME 5317 1777 deflated
SAMPLE.C 5142 1475 deflated
SCREEN.CFG 279 147 deflated
SCREEN.EXE 34672 19283 deflated
SHOW.COM 7332 4515 deflated
SM.TXT 167602 37417 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

To print the documentation to LPT1: type the following at
the DOS prompt:


Note: be sure that your printer is set for 66 lines per


Screen Machine is not, and has never been in the Public
Domain. Screen Machine is not free.

Non-registered users are granted a limited, 90-day license
to use Screen Machine to determine whether or not the
program meets their needs. Continued use of Screen Machine
beyond the 90-day evaluation time period requires
registration of the package. Use of non-registered copies of
Screen Machine beyond the original evaluation period is
strictly prohibited.

No one may modify Screen Machine for any reason, in any way,
including but not limited to, decompiling-compiling,
patching, disassembling, or reverse engineering the program.

These restrictions also apply to all Screen Machine screen
displays such as the opening screen, help screen, and all
other proprietary program output.

Screen Machine may be copied and distributed to others,
subject to the above restrictions and the following:

Screen Machine must be copied in unmodified form, including
the file containing this license information.

Complete Screen Machine documentation and online-help must
be included.

No copying fee of any type may be assessed other than basic
charges for the cost of the copying medium.

Screen Machine may not be distributed with any other
software or hardware product(s) without the express written
permission of ASMicro, Co.

Sysops (bulletin board SYStem OPerators) may make Screen
Machine available for downloading by their users as long as
all above conditions are met.

This agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements.

No blanket authorization has been issued by ASMicro, Co.,
for commercial distribution of its products.


ASMicro hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this
software, whether express or implied, including without
limitation any implied warranties of merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose. ASMicro will not be
liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect
or similar damages due to loss of data or any other reason,
even if ASMicro or an agent of ASMicro has been advised
of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall
ASMicro's liability for any damages ever exceed the price
paid for the license to use software, regardless of the form
of the claim. The person using the software bears all risk
as to the quality and performance of the software.

Ordering Information

When you register your copy of Screen Machine, you are
granted a license to use the package as often as you wish.
There are distinct advantages to registering your copy of
Screen Machine:

1. You may contact ASMicro Co. through the mail with technical

2. Automatic notification of upcoming major new releases or
enhancements through the mail.

Please see the manual for additional ordering information.

Note: the Screen Machine files should have the following
sizes and dates:

CAPTURE COM 4844 4-20-89
DEMO1 001 4000 4-20-89
DEMO1 002 4000 4-20-89
DEMO1 003 4000 4-20-89
DEMO1 004 4000 4-20-89
DEMO1 005 4000 9-04-89
DEMO1 BAT 23 4-20-89
DEMO1 DAT 548 4-20-89
DEMO2 002 2050 2-04-90
DEMO2 003 2050 2-04-90
DEMO2 004 2050 2-04-90
HELPC @#$ 2050 2-04-90
DEMO2 BAT 21 4-20-89
DEMO2 DAT 590 4-20-89
DEMO2 001 2050 2-04-90
HELC2 @#$ 2050 4-20-89
HELP1 @#$ 2050 4-20-89
HELP2 @#$ 2050 4-20-89
HELP3 @#$ 2050 4-20-89
SCREEN CFG 279 2-05-90
MAINMENU 001 4000 4-20-89
MAINMENU BAT 911 4-20-89
MENU1 @#$ 2050 12-02-89
READ ME 4825 2-03-90
SHOW COM 7332 4-20-89
SM TXT 167602 2-05-90
SCREEN EXE 34672 2-06-90
HELC1 @#$ 2050 2-04-90
SAMPLE C 5142 11-08-89

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