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Display scan codes for keystrokes in decimal, binary, and hex.
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Display scan codes for keystrokes in decimal, binary, and hex.
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The enclosed program, ASCCVT.EXE, is FASCONVERT. A program that outputs
the decimal, hexidecimal and binary values. Some keys have two sets for each
key or combination (i.e. ALT-K) you press or the arrow keys. The character
value (the character to the left of the equal sign) will be represented as your
monitor allows with the IBM graphics characters. Some keys have no displayable
value, though the decimal, hexidecimal, and binary values are still given.
You can terminate this program just by hitting the ESC key.

Hope the program is helpful, all rights are reserved with respect to
the copyright.

(301)434-5952 for any questions or comments on this or other products of
SEC/Light Source. The Bulletin Board(computer) number to Light Source is
(301)439-7437 and is 24 hours.
Send your shareware fee of $11.00 to:

Solus Electron Company
9903 Cottrell Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 2090

(c)1991 SOLUS ELECTRON/Light Source

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