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Norton-like Integrator for Programming Languages, w/Src.
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Norton-like Integrator for Programming Languages, w/Src.
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Contents of the LANGMNGR.DOC file

Language Manager
Copyright (c) 1987 Robert A. Berman
1915 Grand Court
Vienna, VA 22180

All commercial rights reserved.

This program is ShareWare. If you find it useful, send me a
$5 or $10 bill as encouragement. Payment / registration also
entitles you to call me at reasonable times during the evenings
on week-ends -- or write a letter any time -- with questions.
The source code has been included to allow you quickly convert
this into any sort of program manager or help shell. Recompiling
this, using either QuickBASIC version 2.0 or version 3.0, requires
that you have Tom Hanlin's ADVBAS library.

Language Manager is was modeled after the Norton Integrator, but
has been designed to operate faster as well as to contain more
than one set of menus. You can execute any menu command from this
shell -- with or with out parameters. You have the convenience
of having a help screen in front of you for each command. Thus
this system is good for novices or absent minded experts who just
can't remember the syntax of commands.

You can press the ESCape key at any time to abort the menu or
screen that you're on and return to the previous screen.
Pressing the ESCape key at the main menu will exit this program.

This program outputs directly to the screen, avoiding the normal
DOS calls. The result is increased speed.

LANGMNGR.DOCThis document file
LANGMNGR.EXE Executable file (stand alone)

This archive may be freely distributed only in its complete and unmodified

************** W A R N I N G ***********************************************

This software is provided with no warranty of any kind. I believe it to be
relatively benign, but take no responsibility if it doesn't work. Use it
at your own risk. If these conditions bother you and you don't like to use
software for which you are totally responsible, your course is simple. Erase
these files and don't send any money.

Finally, I'm basically a helpful person when I can be, and I will try to
answer your questions. However, at these prices I certainly will NOT
promise that I ALWAYS will. I will NOT return long distance or toll
telephone calls unless you specifically tell me to call collect.



Version 1.0 (10/25/87)

Initial Release

Version 2.0 (11/8/87)

Included DEBUG.COM and SETENV.EXE in the "General Programming Utilities"
section. They were not included by an oversight.

Eliminated the LANG.EXE (requiring BRUN30.COM) version. It is not the
best way to use this type of program. Deleted slower write through bios
option, it did not seem to work well anyway.

Made LANGMNGR a more full-featured tool by including a DOS utilities
menu preset for a few popular utilities for both novice and experienced
users. The DOS Shell option allows you to drop into DOS and return -- to
execute programs not on the list.

DEBUG or a raw file editor (like Norton Utility) may be used to change the
DOS Utilities menu without recompiling. Simply use the search function to
locate the menu item. The command (program name) may be placed in the
eight byte space following the menu entry. There are five bytes between
the end of the menu item and the eight byte command space.

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