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VersaEdit was created specifically to enable PC programmers to effectively create, maintain, and manipulate source code files. Programmer's editor.
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VersaEdit was created specifically to enable PC programmers to effectively create, maintain, and manipulate source code files. Programmer’s editor.
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Contents of the README file

Version 1.2B


The installation process has been simplified from the previous
version, please see the User's Manual.

The VersaEdit diskette or archive should contain the following

E.EXE The executable program file.

HELP.VE The help file used by the program.

CONFIG.VE The configuration file used by the program

CLE.BAT A sample batch procedure to compile, link, and
execute a program. In case of compiler errors, the
batch procedure executes VersaEdit with the source
code file in the first window, and the compiler
errors in the second window. When VersaEdit ends,
the batch procedure resumes the process from the

MAK.BAT A sample batch procedure to be used instead of
CLE.BAT, when a Make Utility is used.

AVGLINE.EXE A utility program that determines the average line
length of your source code files. The average line
length is supplied to VersaEdit via the Parameters
Menu in order to fine tune the internal memory

MANUAL.VE The User's Manual.

LICENSE.VE The license agreement and registration form.

MARGIN.SET The LASERJET series II commands to set the top and
left margins to 0.

README This file.

The user documentation is built into VersaEdit in the form of
context sensitive help, hence printing of the manual may not be

At a minimum, you should read the installation instructions and the
license agreement. The user's manual is provided in generic print
format in the MANUAL.VE file. It can be viewed using VersaEdit or
any other ASCII editor. VersaEdit can be used without installation
if files E.EXE, HELP.VE, and CONFIG.VE are in the current path.

The manual can be printed by copying it to the printer port. For


Both, the top and left margin on your printer should be set to 0.
If you use LASERJET series II printer, copy MARGIN.SET file to your
printer port, prior to printing the manual. For example:



VersaEdit is written in the "C" language. The source code is
available for sale, in parts or as entire program.

Following is a list of available services:

- Make all modifications needed to adapt the program to your

- Customize specific routines to your needs. The routines can
be text editing functions or the user interface, which can be
transferred to your applications.

- Adapt VersaEdit to languages other than English.

- Other design and programming services.

For further information contact

Szachna Spirytus
3705 S. George Mason Dr., No. 2517-S
Falls Church, VA 22041


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