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A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 4 of 4.
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A set of FORTRAN routines from the ACM. 4 of 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE1010.TXT 1911 1012 deflated
FILE1011.TXT 1860 987 deflated
GO.BAT 38 38 stored
GO.TXT 463 177 deflated
INDEX 12972 3509 deflated
READ.ME 3953 1774 deflated
RPOLY.FXZ 9376 9376 stored
SEPDE.FXZ 62646 61613 deflated
SHERMAN.FXZ 14563 13716 deflated
SNYDER.FXZ 9430 9430 stored
SPN.FXZ 2135 2135 stored
STL2.FXZ 4052 4052 stored
TENDLER.FXZ 18868 18600 deflated
TRANS.FXZ 1520 1520 stored
VMISIS.FXZ 1323 1323 stored
WAMPLER.FXZ 34588 34111 deflated
WARD.FXZ 6471 6471 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

ACM VOL 1-5 Disk 4 of 4

These diskettes comprise the first five-year tape of algorithms collected
by the Association of Computing Machinary. These disks were constructed by
copying the original files from the tape onto disk with a minimum of mas-
saging. The file labeled INDEX contains, oddly enough, a copy of the
original index (the first file on the tape).

These routines are a collection of FORTRAN routines/procedures for solving
a variety of problems in science, engineering and numerical analysis. There
are routines for the solution of zeros of polynomials, various partial dif-
ferential equation solvers, linear equation solvers for over/under-determined
problems (L1, L2 and Chebyshev norms), eigenvalue solvers, function integra-
tion, minimization of unconstrained multivariate functions, curve fitting
in Chebyshev norm, dependence of solution of nonlinear systems on its para-
meters, sorting, global error estimation for ordinary differential equations,
matrix bandwidth and profile reduction, spline interpolation, solution of
linear systems for special matrices, cubic curve fitting using local data,
computation of condition numbers of a matrix without computing eigenvectors,
bessel functions, statistical functions, revised simplex method for
constrained resource network scheduling, exact solution of integer systems of
linear equations, convex hull algorithm for planar sets, a multiple-precision
arithmetic package, adaptive smooth curve fitting, basic linear algebra
subprograms (BLAS), optimized mass-storage fft, efficient one-way enciphering
algorithm, and more.

Most, if not all, of these routines were constructed by people under
contract with government agencies. And so they are very clearly in the
public domain, so you should feel free to share them, but please provide
the originals along with any versions which you've modified.

The documentation for these routines comes in two forms: "Volume III of
the Collected Algorithms of the ACM" and from journals. The former is
obtainable from the ACM and the latter may be found in any good university
library. The address of the ACM is 11 West 42nd St., New York, New York,
10036. The book will provide you with details about the implementation of
each algorithm along with references to the literature. The journals provide
insight into the theory behind each algorithm, as well as more references.

No effort has been made to port these routines to the IBM-PC. Since
the authors of these routines have made a concerted effort to write in
"vanilla" FORTRAN, effort has been made to maintain them in the same state
as they came from the tape. In this way it is assured that previous users
of these programs can utilize them without incurring the additional
overhead associated with "de-porting" them.

The following is a list of the files (and their sizes) on this disk:

rpoly.fxz 9376
sepde.fxz 62646
sherman.fxz 14563
snyder.fxz 9430
spn.fxz 2135
stl2.fxz 4052
tendler.fxz 18868
trans.fxz 1520
vmisis.fxz 1323
wampler.fxz 34588
ward.fxz 6471 2698
compress.exe 19017

To obtain the source file, you must apply the program called "compress"
in the following way: compress -d file.fxz. This will produce the file
called "file.f" which should then be renamed "file.for". The source for
"compress.exe" is available separately from PC-SIG.

Should you have any problems with these programs, please let me know
at the following address:

Jeffrey C. Fried
810 Polhemus Road, Apt. 43
San Mateo, CA

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