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C Lister V5.01, exe & docs. Formats your source with many options.
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C Lister V5.01, exe & docs. Formats your source with many options.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CL.DOC 38576 11205 deflated
CLC.EXE 50834 26676 deflated
DEFAULT.CNF 254 183 deflated
DESKTOP.C 1706 808 deflated
DESKTOP.FD 246 187 deflated
DESKTOP.LST 27779 3702 deflated
EPSONFX.CNF 205 155 deflated
FILES 1890 760 deflated
GETCH.C 372 240 deflated
GETOP.C 777 346 deflated
IBMCOL1.CNF 241 176 deflated
IBMCOL2.CNF 434 244 deflated
OKI190.CNF 243 173 deflated
OKI83A.CNF 142 130 deflated
PANAROL.CNF 414 285 deflated
README 1485 778 deflated
REGISTER 2129 623 deflated
STACK.C 520 247 deflated
TINY.CNF 332 240 deflated
VANILLA.CNF 228 159 deflated

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Contents of the README file


For a demonstration of the output of Clist, type the file DESKTOP.LST to
the printer. It was listed using EPSONFX.CNF as the configuration file.

If you are sending any correspondence, my current address is:
John Hardin
1847 S. 900 E. Apt. 2
Salt Lake City, UT 84105-3203
(801) 467-2368
This address is guaranteed good through the end of October, 1989.
I can always be reached via electronic mail on Compuserve for questions,
requests, etc.
Compuserve: [74076,22]
UUCP: ...!uunet!4gen!athena!gypsy!john

Also available upon request and on Compuserve:

cl4gl - Clist for Informix-4GL programs
clterm - Clist for the Term communications program's script language

all of the above available under:
MS-DOS 8088/86 and 80286/386
SCO Xenix System V/386 release 2.3.2
QNX (coming soon)
AT&T 3B2 Unix (coming soon)
OS/2 (coming soon(maybe))
VAX VMS (coming soon(maybe))
(*how* soon will depend on how great demand for them is)

also coming soon:
clfox - Foxbase+ (dBaseIII+)
cllisp - Lisp
clsh - Bourne shell
clcsh - C shell
clksh - Korn shell
clawk - AWK release 2
cl++ - C++

and god knows what else I have time and requests for...


(c) to whoever appropriate wherever appropriate

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