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Borland's 5/89 BGI Fonts for Turbo Languages.
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Borland’s 5/89 BGI Fonts for Turbo Languages.
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Contents of the README file


1. Introduction
2. Borland No-Nonsense License Statement!
3. Important Tips
4. File Listing

The BGI Toolkit includes the following major features:
o a BGI Font Editor (FE.EXE) to use to develop your own fonts
o a set of fonts which include the full IBM character set
o a package for developing your own BGI device drivers
o a BGI driver for VGA 320x200 256 color mode
o a BGI driver for Hercules Monographics and InColor card

This software is protected by both United States copyright law
and international treaty provisions. You must treat this software
just like a book, except that you may copy it onto a computer to
be used and you may make archival copies of the software for the
sole purpose of backing up our software and protecting your
investment from loss.

By saying "just like a book," Borland means, for example, that
this software may be used by any number of people, and may be
freely moved from one computer location to another, so long as
there is no possibility of it being used at one location or on
one computer while it is being used at another. Just like a book
cannot be read by two different people in two different places at
the same time, neither can the software be used by two different
people in two different places at the same time (unless, of
course, Borland's copyright is being violated).

The BGI Toolbox includes various support files that contain code
routines, device drivers, and other encoded hardware and font
information used by the runtime library of a Turbo Language
compiler. You may use these proprietary Borland files with the
programs you create with Turbo Language compilers for your own
personal use. In addition, if the programs you write and compile
using a Turbo Language compiler make use of these support files,
you may distribute these support files in combination with these
programs, provided you do not use, give away, or sell the support
files separately, and all copies of your programs bear a valid
copyright notice. By copyright notice, we mean either your own
copyright notice or the statement "Created Using" followed by the
name of the applicable Turbo Language compiler or the BGI Toolbox
and Borland's copyright notice for the compiler or the BGI

This statement shall be construed, interpreted and governed by the
laws of the State of California, and any action hereunder shall
be brought only in California. Use, duplication or disclosure by
the U.S. Government of the software and documentation shall be
subject to restricted rights (under DFARS 52.227-7013) applicable
to commercial computer software. All rights not specifically
granted in this statement are reserved by Borland.

Use of the software is at the user's risk and Borland is
providing the Toolbox "AS IS." Borland specifically disclaims all
warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, any
implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular
purpose. Borland shall not be liable for any damages, including
but not limited to, the loss of profit, data, or use of the
software, or special, incidental or consequential damages or
other similar claims, even if Borland has been specifically
advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will
Borland's liability for any damages to you or any other person
ever exceed the price you paid for this copy of the software,
regardless of any form of the claim. Some states do not allow the
exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so some of the
above may not apply to you.

Borland specifically disclaims all warranties and is unable to
provide a limited warranty for this product.

This software is not supported by Borland. Nevertheless, if you have
any questions, Borland or its users may be able to assist you via
an electronic bulletin board, such as Borland's special interest
group on Compuserve (Borland SIG) or on the Borland Roundtable on
GEnie (Borland RT).

The Hercules BGI driver and documentation was provided by
Hercules Computer Technology. Please confer with Hercules for
more information about these files.

o Read FE.DOC for documentation on the font editor.
o If you plan to start a font from scratch, be sure to read
section 7 of FE.DOC.
o Read BGI.DOC for documentation on how to build a device driver.
o Font Editor (FE.EXE) requires:
- EGA (or VGA) with at least 128K video memory
- Microsoft-compatible Mouse
o Device Driver Builder's Kit (BGIDRV.ARC)
- Requirements:
Turbo C Version 2.0
- How to build demo driver DEBUG.BGI:
(1) Set paths to the directories in which TASM and Turbo C
reside, e.g.,


(2) Set up configuration file TURBOC.CFG.
Specify your INCLUDE and LIB directories in your
configuration file like this:


(3) Modify TLINK statement in either MAKEFILE or BUILD.BAT.
If your TURBO C library is in directory C:\TC\LIB,
make sure the tlink statement is

"tlink debvect+debug,debug,debug, C:\TC\LIB\cs /m/s;"

(4) Type "BUILD" or "MAKE" to generate DEBUG.BGI.
BUILD.BAT is a batch file that builds DEBUG.BGI.
MAKE.EXE, a utility program on the Turbo C and
Turbo Pascal utility disks, reads the MAKEFILE
and makes DEBUG.BGI.

- How to use the customized driver:
You cannot use RegisterBGIDriver to install your
customized driver; use InstallUserDriver instead.

An autodetection function is passed to InstallUserDriver,
which returns the desired graphics mode. Now if you use
autodetection with InitGraph, it will detect your custom
driver and the mode specified in the autodetection
function passed to InstallUserDriver.

For example,

function MyMode : integer;
MyMode := 3;



GraphDriver := InstallUserDriver ('DEBUG',@MyMode);
GraphDriver := Detect;



(For an example in C refer to DEBDEMO.C.)

o To run the demo programs in VGA256.ARC you need:
- VGA graphics card
- Turbo Pascal 5.0 (to run demo program)


BGIDRV ARC -- Packed file that contains files to build custom
BGI drivers:

BGI DOC -- Documentation on how to create a BGI driver
BH C -- Source to program that writes the header
portion of the BGI device driver
BH EXE -- Program that writes the header portion of
the BGI device driver
BUILD BAT -- Batch file for building DEBUG.BGI
DEBDEMO C -- Source for demo program using DEBUG.BGI
DEBDEMO EXE -- Program for testing DEBUG.BGI
DEBUG BGI -- Sample BGI driver
DEBUG C -- Source to sample device driver (DEBUG.BGI)
DEBVECT ASM -- Defines the vector table for DEBUG.BGI
DEVICE INC -- Defines important structures/macros for the
BGI driver interface
EXETOBIN EXE-- Borland's version of EXE2BIN.EXE
F_DEBUG OBJ -- Far Model Object code for DEBUG.BGI
MAKEFILE -- Sample makefile for building DEBUG.BGI
N_DEBUG OBJ -- Near Model Object code for DEBUG.BGI

BGIFNT ARC -- Packed file that contains the font editing

DFONT C -- Source to program that displays font
DFONT EXE -- Program to display font information
FE DOC -- Font Editor documentation
FE EXE -- Font Editor
FONT H -- Header file for DFONT.C

FONTS ARC -- Package file that contains a collection of

EURO CHR -- EuroStyle font character set
GOTH CHR -- Gothic font character set
LCOM CHR -- Complex font character set
LITT CHR -- Small font character set
SANS CHR -- Sans serif font character set
SCRI CHR -- Script font character set
SIMP CHR -- Simple font character set
TRIP CHR -- Triplex font character set
TSCR CHR -- Triplex Script font character set

VGA256 ARC -- VGA256 driver and sample program

HSI PAS -- Source for sample Pascal program using
VGADEMO PAS -- Modified version of BGIDEMO which uses the
VGA256.BGI driver
VGA256 BGI -- Sample driver for a VGA video card

HERC ARC -- Hercules Monochrome and Incolor driver

HERC BGI -- Driver from Hercules Computer Technology for
the Monochrome and InColor graphic cards.
HERCBGI DOC -- Documentation file for Hercules driver
BGIDEMO C -- C BGI demo program modified for Hercules
BGIDEMO PAS -- Pascal BGI demo program modified for Hercules

README -- This file!

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