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NASA Neural Network Program - With C Source - Part1 of 2.
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NASA Neural Network Program – With C Source – Part1 of 2.
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ACTIVATE.C 43152 3496 deflated
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COMMON.H 12376 3540 deflated
COMPILE.C 18416 3950 deflated
CONVERT.C 5935 1423 deflated
DRIBBLE.C 21422 4407 deflated
LAYER.C 19495 4422 deflated
LAYER.H 6298 2082 deflated
LNRATE.C 13765 3784 deflated
MAKEFILE 2816 666 deflated
NET.C 22695 4796 deflated
NET.H 3160 1107 deflated
NETIO.C 20404 4915 deflated
NETIO.H 7045 2505 deflated
NETMAIN.C 21049 4825 deflated
PAIRS.C 34663 8737 deflated
PARSER.C 56999 12990 deflated
PROP.C 35183 8044 deflated
README 1911 871 deflated
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Contents of the README file

NETS Version 2.0

author: Paul Baffes
Software Technology Branch
NASA, Johnson Space Center

This disk contains the NETS neural network simulator. NETS is free
to NASA and NASA contractors by calling (713) 280-2233. The general
public may obtain NETS (at a very reasonable price) from COSMIC,
382 E. Broad St., Athens, GA, 30602. The number for COSMIC is
(404) 542-3265.

This second disk contains the NETS source code. Also, this version of
NETS comes with a file called "makefile" which can be used with a MAKE
facility such as the one which comes with Turbo C. The make file
works for both Turbo C and Microsoft C. Typing


will invoke the Turbo C compiler. To get the make file to work for
Microsoft C type

make -Dmsc

Lastly, note that the makefile also works for generating delivery
code (see chapter 6 of the NETS User's Guide). Typing

make -Ddelivery -Ddvnm=myfile.c

will compile NETS delivery code stored in the file "myfile.c" using
Turbo C. The Microsoft C version is invoked by

make -Dmsc -Ddelivery -Ddvnm=myfile.c

Don't forget to change the "DELIVERY" constant in the "common.h"
file before compiling delivery code!! (see chapters 6 and 7 of the
User's Guide).


This computer program has been developed by an agency of the United States
Government. Distribution of this computer program, or any modifications
thereof, outside of the United States requires prior written permission of
NASA. Further distribution of this computer program within the United States
is permitted with the requirement that this notice appear on each copy.

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