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Demo of Fast Graphics libraries. Demo is a display of a fish tank very smooth animation.
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Demo of Fast Graphics libraries. Demo is a display of a fish tank very smooth animation.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CORAL.PPR 14160 7295 deflated
FISH.PPR 4740 2087 deflated
FISHTANK.BAS 9908 2744 deflated
FISHTANK.C 9725 2779 deflated
FISHTANK.DOC 1846 733 deflated
FISHTANK.EXE 16080 8265 deflated
FISHTANK.FOR 10342 2773 deflated
FISHTANK.PAS 9663 2575 deflated

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Contents of the FISHTANK.DOC file

FISH TANK version 1.3
February 23, 1992

Ted Gruber Software Voice: (702) 735-1980
PO Box 13408 FAX: (702) 735-4603
Las Vegas, NV 89112 BBS: (702) 796-7134
CIS: 72000,1642

FISH TANK: An example of animation using Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light

This program is a good example of how use Fastgraph or Fastgraph/Light to do
multi-object non-destructive animation. Six different kinds of tropical fish
swim back and forth against a coral reef background until you press Escape.

The files in FGFISH13.ZIP are:

FISHTANK.DOC this file
FISHTANK.EXE executable program (created with Turbo Pascal 6.0)

FISHTANK.BAS QuickBASIC source code
FISHTANK.C C source code
FISHTANK.FOR Microsoft FORTRAN source code
FISHTANK.PAS Turbo Pascal source code

CORAL.PPR packed pixel run file containing background
FISH.PPR packed pixel run file containing the fish

The source code for FISHTANK.EXE is included for QuickBASIC, C, Turbo Pascal,
and Microsoft FORTRAN. If you want to re-link the program, you must have
Fastgraph 2.10 or Fastgraph/Light 1.10. The program uses Fastgraph functions
that are not available in earlier versions. You may modify this source code
any way you want, but please do not distribute it in a modified form.

You can download the latest evaluation version of Fastgraph/Light from DDBBS
at (702) 796-7134.

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