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FastGraph Fonts Editor v1.0B1 - Up To 64 X 48 Pixel.
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FastGraph Fonts Editor v1.0B1 – Up To 64 X 48 Pixel.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Readme file for FGF Edit 1.0

Copyright (c) 1993 by Pragmatic Designs, All Rights Reserved.

First off, let me tell you that this software is in a beta state.
What does this mean to you? Well, first off, don't be surprised if
things don't work quite the way you expect them to. I'm not going
to release a product with known bugs, (that's not a bug, it's a
feature!), but there may be an operation that does not "feel" right
with you. By all means, get in touch with me, (addresses are at the
end of this document).

As this is a beta release, there are some limitations in the
program. File handling is primitive, to say the least. There is no
"open" or "save" functions, file names are specified on the command
line. There is also no way to move a character in the edit grid.
(See the section on future enhancements to see the direction I want
to take the program).

Please take the time to read the BETAGUID.TXT file if you never have
beta tested before. There are many good ideas in it...

Files included in this archive:

FGF_EDIT.EXE- The program proper.
FGF_EDIT.FGI- Resources used by FGF_EDIT.
BETAGUID.TXT- A guide to being a beta tester.
README.1ST- This text.
ABOUT_FG.TXT- A blurb about Ted Gruber Software and Fastgraph.

Please do not add to or delete any files from this archive. Do not
upload this archive to any other BBS!


All you need to remember is the FGI file MUST be in the same
directory as the EXE file. FGF files to be edited can be in any


You invoke the program as: FGF_EDIT

FILENAME.EXT is the name of the file that you wish to edit. If the
file is not found, then an empty edit array is created.

OUT_FILE.EXT is the file that will be written to when the program
exits (and you made changes). If no name is given then the default
A.OUT filename will be used. (This is to protect the original file
from being corrupted).

Known Bugs & Strangeness: If the ChrX marker is on a byte boundary,
the white lines, then any cells in the next byte (to the right) WILL
be saved instead of being deleted. This is because of a bug in the
Fastgraph/Fonts library and will be addressed after the update is

MaxX and Drop don't stay put where I place them! Why? Well, drop
is calculated based on where the pixels are located in the character
'A' (Ascii: 41). MaxX is based on the widest character found while
loading. There is no "work around" planed for this as these values
HAVE to be calculated when loading a file.

There is no testing done to see if you gave the program a valid FGF
file to edit. It will probably exit with some sort of error
message. (Character mismatch).

If you have problems running this program, strange colors, mouse
flicker, etc, please let me know what hardware you are running on.

There are several ways that you can reach me.

BBS:(603) 429-2110 The Dwarrowdelf - This is my BBS, the
latest version will be available here,

(702) 796-7134 Dust Devil BBS - Home of Fastgraph. Read
the ABOUT_FG.TXT file for more info.

Fidonet:Netmail to 1:132/199 orSHAREWRE echo

orSHAREWARE conference

InterNet:[email protected]

USMail:Steve Hodsdon
8 Bambi Tr.
Merrimack, N.H. 03054

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