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MetaEdit 1.0, CASE program, runs under Windows. Shareware version, supports 3 analysis methods, $75 reg adds one bonus method. Documentation in .WRI format.
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MetaEdit 1.0, CASE program, runs under Windows. Shareware version, supports 3 analysis methods, $75 reg adds one bonus method. Documentation in .WRI format.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


This file contains a very short desciription of the MetaEdit
program, and the conditions for its use and distribtion.


MetaEdit is a multi-method CASE-tool which comes in three versions.
This is the standard version, distributed as shareware. Please
see the file USERMAN.WRI for more information on the other versions.
MetaEdit requires MS-Windows 3.x in Standard or Enhanced mode to
run. Use MS-Write to read the rest of the documentation. Installation
is explained in USERMAN.WRI. For registration and the benefits of
registering MetaEdit, please see REGISTER.WRI.


Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software
before buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue
using it, you are expected to register within a certain period.
With registration, you get anything from the simple right to
continue using the software to an updated program with
printed manual.

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software,
and the copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific
exceptions as stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished
programmers, just like commercial authors, and the programs are
of comparable quality. (In both cases, there are good programs
and bad ones!) The main difference is in the method of
distribution. The author specifically grants the right to copy
and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a
specific group. For example, some authors require written
permission before a commercial disk vendor may copy their

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You
should find software that suits your needs and pocketbook,
whether it's commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes
fitting your needs easier, because you can try before you buy.
And because the overhead is low, prices are low also. Shareware
has the ultimate money-back guarantee -- if you don't use the
product, you don't pay for it.


Users of MetaEdit must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
"MetaEdit is supplied as is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation,
the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.
The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of MetaEdit."

MetaEdit is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge
to the user for evaluation. Feel free to share it with your
friends, but please do not give it away altered or as part of
another system. The essence of "user-supported" software is to
provide personal computer users with quality software without
high prices, and yet to provide incentive for programmers to
continue to develop new products. If you find this program
useful and find that you are using MetaEdit and continue to use
MetaEdit after a reasonable trial period, you must make a
registration payment of $75 (US) to MetaCase Consulting. The $75
registration fee will license one copy for use on any one
computer at any one time. You must treat this software just like
a book. An example is that this software may be used by any
number of people and may be freely moved from one computer
location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it
being used at one location while it is being used at another.
Just as a book cannot be read by two different persons at the
same time.

Commercial users of MetaEdit must register and pay for their
copies of MetaEdit within 30 days of first use or their license
is withdrawn. Site license arrangements may be made by contacting
MetaCase Consulting at the address below.


Anyone distributing MetaEdit for any kind of remuneration must
first contact MetaCase Consulting at the address below for

This authorization will be automatically granted to distributors
recognized by the (ASP) as adhering to its guidelines for
shareware distributors, and such distributors may begin offering
MetaEdit immediately. (However, MetaCase Consulting must still be
notified so that the distributor can be kept up-to-date with the
latestversion of MetaEdit).

You are encouraged to pass a copy of MetaEdit along to your
friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their
copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users
will receive a copy of the latest version of the MetaEdit

Notice that the copy of MetaEdit can only be distributed as a whole,
i.e. all files included in the compressed file must remain in the
package. See the file "CONTENTS.LST" for the files in the package.

MetaCase Consulting Oy
P.O.Box 449
SF-40101 Jyvaskyla

FAX +358 41 650 400 or +358 41 650 120
TEL +358 41 650 400

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