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A Fortran compiler that does not support floating-point operations, but still contains the rudiments of the language.
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A Fortran compiler that does not support floating-point operations, but still contains the rudiments of the language.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Before you proceed, I am going to tell you enough about SBM fortran
so that you can decide whether or not you wish to continue the

SBM FORTRAN is a non-scientific compiler. That is, it does not, at
this writing, have floating point routines. It also does not support
the lengthy mathematical expressions of standard fortran.

Aside from this, it is a powerful FORTRAN-77 type compiler, producing
very compact executable code.

It is a compiler compiler. It was conceived as a bootstrap system to
compile parts of itself. For this reason I refer to it as my answer
to 'C'.

It combines the simplicity of fortran coding with the power of the
assembler. You can intermix assembler code into the fortran source.

About 30% of the compiler was written in fortran and compiled using
a core-version of the compiler itsef.

Installing the system

At this point, we have a file that requires further extraction. It
is WASM.ZIP. WASM is a large system. If you are not interested in
assembly language, you may wish to extract only WASM.COM from the archive.


If you have a floppy-based system, you must now delete WASM.ZIP.

Those who program in assembler will certainly wish to extract all of
the system. it is a very powerful and easy to use macro assembler
written by ERIC TAUCK of Meringo Illinois. Many thanks to Eric for
this fine product.

Here is what we now have in the current directory.

SBM.MAC Macro library. It must be located in the
current directory, where the fortran source
must also be located.

The rest of the modules can be re-located to a core directory
if you are using pathing. Otherwise, leave them here.

SBM.COM The fortran compiler.

WASM.COM Eric Taucks' assembler.

LINKUP.COM The linker.

FORCL.BAT For compiling only.

FORCLG.BAT Compile, link and GO.

If you wish to print the documentation on both sides of the
printer paper, print SBM.LS1 on the front, then SBM.LS2 on the
back. Otherwise, just print SBM.LST.

SBM.LS1 Documentation, front pages.
SBM.LS2 Documentation, back pages.

SBM.LST Documentation, all on same side.

The following are fortran test modules and samples. You may wish
to look them over, then delete.

TESTALL.FOR Tests most functions of the compiler. It was
used for much of the debugging of the system.

Q20.FOR A 20 questions program. In its' present form,
should probably be called '15 questions'.

ASM.FOR Fragments of an assembler being written in SBM
fortran. Included only to illustrate some
coding techniques that can be used. You may
wish to look it over, then delete.

If you just want to see the compler go without further delay, just


- enjoy -

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