Dec 122017
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Impress v2.1 – First Impression allows software developers to install their software easily on end user’s computers. Features include documentation printing, destination space check, hard coding of registration info and mo
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 333 230 deflated
IMPRESS.DOC 41750 12933 deflated
IMPRESS.EXE 50429 49019 deflated
INSTALL.CFG 3654 737 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 48980 47778 deflated
INSTALL.WIN 3043 1197 deflated
README.1ST 569 319 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 2252 911 deflated
SETUP.EXE 20094 19395 deflated
UPDATES.DOC 3627 1695 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 4192 1638 deflated

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