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An interactive ADA language tutorial.
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An interactive ADA language tutorial.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AD.TXT 2707 1291 deflated
ADA-TUTR.ADA 24889 6866 deflated
ADA-TUTR.DAT 455232 97526 deflated
ADA-TUTR.EXE 50832 19994 deflated
ADD.ADA 158 119 deflated
CHANGESN.ADA 2436 998 deflated
CHANGESN.EXE 35584 12971 deflated
DAT2TXT.ADA 2302 947 deflated
DAT2TXT.EXE 34608 12583 deflated
ED.ADA 2957 1332 deflated
ED.DIR 2536 818 deflated
FIB.ANS 261 171 deflated
FIB.DUM 144 121 deflated
FIBTEST.ADA 902 390 deflated
HELLO.ADA 91 79 deflated
INVOICE.TXT 2301 801 deflated
LEDIT.ANS 6941 1888 deflated
MERIDIAN.ADA 3191 1286 deflated
NEXTDATE.ADA 1992 768 deflated
ONECHAR.C 941 519 deflated
PRINT.ME 87366 22195 deflated
READ.ME 1528 821 deflated
TASKING.ANS 1554 625 deflated
TASKING.DUM 1014 354 deflated
TOMORROW.ANS 846 360 deflated
TOMORROW.DUM 155 123 deflated
TRITEST.ADA 2615 636 deflated
TRITYPE.ANS 522 249 deflated
TRITYPE.DUM 219 165 deflated
TXT2DAT.ADA 2473 1008 deflated
UNIX.ADA 2102 835 deflated
VANILLA.ADA 2698 1129 deflated
VAX.ADA 4793 1615 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


To run ADA-TUTR on a PC, you need the files ADA-TUTR.DAT and ADA-TUTR.EXE on
a hard disk. The other files will be explained later. An Ada compiler is
helpful, but not required. Just type ADA-TUTR to start learning!
The PRINT.ME file (49 pages) contains notes that should be printed. If you
give the command PRINT PRINT.ME before running ADA-TUTR for the first time,
your notes will be printed while you begin using the tutor. Page 39 tells how
to install ADA-TUTR on non-PC computers, such as mainframes. If you like, you
can punch the notes with three holes and put them in a report binder.
If the next sentence shows strange characters like "[1m" on your screen, see
page 3 of PRINT.ME and install ANSI.SYS before running ADA-TUTR on a PC. One
word of this test sentence should be [1mbrighter[m than the rest.
ADA-TUTR is "Shareware." Try ADA-TUTR for free. To use it after the free
trial, individuals must register and organizations must buy a license. Both
are very inexpensive, and give many benefits. See page 2 of PRINT.ME for
information. Whether or not you use ADA-TUTR and register or buy a license,
please copy the complete program and give unmodified copies to others!
We wish you success learning Ada, the very best programming language!

Software Innovations Technology, 1083 Mandarin Dr. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905-4706
(407)951-0233 Copyright 1988 John J. Herro

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