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Help file for Brief covering Ada syntax.
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Help file for Brief covering Ada syntax.
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Contents of the README file

AdaBrief. The accompanying files allow Help on Ada syntax from within the
Brief editor. If you do not use Brief or Ada you will probably not
be interested in this. If you use Brief you might be interested in
creating your own help files for a language you use or for subroutines
that you have to reference. In this case you might just want to see
how to utilize Brief's Help facility.

The help routine is hierarchical. You can use as many levels as you
like. The first menu which is checked is HELP.MNU. You have to
replace Brief's and use your own (see the accompanying HELP.MNU).
Rename Brief's HELP.MNU to BHELP.MNU so that you continue to have
access to Brief's help.

A menu lets you select a lower level set of menus or the actual text
to search.

The help text. Divided into frames of 18 lines each. Before a frame
is the key word for the frame. This is delimited by ^l (form feed).
Printing these files is messy since all the form feeds eject to next
page. Don't print them before changing the form feeds to something

This is not meant to be a tutorial on modifying the help facility.
It's very straight forward since macros do not have to be modified.

The source of the Ada help text is from the Ada Language Reference
Manual (Mil Std. 1815).

This is used with Brief version 3.0. Previous versions had a slight
difference in the menu format (the window size was included).

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