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Test cases where OBJ2ASM fails.
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Test cases where OBJ2ASM fails.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INT17.ASM 1664 816 deflated
INT17.OBJ 145 135 deflated
READ.ME 868 455 deflated
TEST.FOR 71 53 deflated
TEST313.OBJ 455 365 deflated
TESTLA.OBJ 294 249 deflated
TESTMS.OBJ 557 434 deflated
TESTPRO.OBJ 285 243 deflated
TESTPRO1.OBJ 256 197 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

I have not been able to make OBJTOASM.EXE function properly.
OBJ-TEST.ARC contains some .OBJ files that I could not disassemble.
The only programs I have that will make .OBJ files are MASM 3.0 and
various Fortran compilers. TEST.FOR is a trivial subroutine that I
have compiled with various compilers:
TEST313.OBJ - Microsoft 3.13
TESTMS.OBJ - Microsoft 3.30
TESTPRO1.OBJ - Prospero Fortran-66
TESTPRO.OBJ - Prospero Fortran-77
I would like anyone who has been able to use OBJTOASM to try it
on my files and tell me what I have been doing wrong. Alternatively,
I would like to see a file that it will work on.
I want to do hand optimizing on some subroutines and add what
amounts to inline assembly instructions. Not all compilers provide
an assembly listing.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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