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Norton Guides for Mewel Windows.
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Norton Guides for Mewel Windows.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Welcome to the Norton Guides database for MEWEL

The database is organized around three rough areas:
The Functions
The Messages
Everything Else (Misc)

There is a separate main menu entry for each of these areas.

The first entry under Functions & Messages is called Index. This is
a complete index to all of the functions( or messages), in
alphabetical order. Each of these entries simply points you, via a
'See Also' to the full text describing the function of message. This
is the quickest way to 'Brush Up' on the syntax of a function, or the
meaning of a message's parameters.

I find that I often don't know the exact name of the function that I
want, but that I do know what I want to do, or what sort of object
I'm working on. To handle this approach, the other entries under the
function & message headings break the functions & messages down
according to their use, i.e. Window Functions, Menu Functions, Edit
Messages, List Box Messages etc.. You can use this approach to
explore what kinds of things are supported under MEWEL.

The last item under Misc. is called 'Changes in V 3.1'. This should
be your first stop if you are upgrading to MEWEL V 3.1. It details
the changes that will affect existing code, with a suggestion or two
about the quickest way to get you code up & running again. This was
written after porting IDEAL from V 3.0 to V 3.1.

This Database is SHAREWARE.

I've invested a great deal more time in this database than in the
guide that I prepared for the original MEWEL. To try and recover
some of that investment, I'm releasing this database as shareware.
Try it out. If you find you use it regularly, register it. It's not
expensive, $35.00, and it will put you on the list to get an enhanced
version that will include:

More 'See Also' entries.
Quicker access to functions & messages from the Index.
( for a hint, note the difference between AcceleratorCreate
and the other functions in the index )
'Who Does What to Whom'
( A listing of which messages are processed by each of the
standard classes )

Good Luck with your MEWEL Projects.

The MEWEL Norton Guides Database Registration Form

Complete the bottom half of this form and Mail it, with a check
for $35.00 to:

Creative Applications Engineering Inc.
16 Peter Coutts Cir.
Stanford, CA 94305

Your Name:__________________________________________

Company Name:_______________________________________________

Street Address:_____________________________________________

City:_____________________________ State:______ Zip:____________


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