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Action Designer CASE tool. Shareware.
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Action Designer CASE tool. Shareware.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABOUT.TXT 5226 2195 deflated
AD.CFG 38 38 stored
AD.DOC 91853 19693 deflated
AD.EXE 249994 119833 deflated
AD.HLP 18296 5150 deflated
ANLGOUT.AD 2732 938 deflated
ANSII.PD 449 92 deflated
BROTHER.PD 449 107 deflated
CLANG.LN 507 166 deflated
DEFDUE.AD 2931 891 deflated
ENGLISH.LN 479 165 deflated
EPSONFX.PD 460 136 deflated
EPSONRX.PD 449 152 deflated
FEATURES.TXT 239 142 deflated
GENERIC.LN 576 209 deflated
HPLASER.PD 449 126 deflated
IBMGRAPH.PD 460 151 deflated
IBMPRO.PD 460 152 deflated
KISS.PD 460 153 deflated
OBJECT.TXT 3426 1561 deflated
PDEFINE.EXE 17930 10286 deflated
PLAIN.PD 449 33 deflated
PRINTER.PD 449 126 deflated
PRINTER.TXT 5004 1815 deflated
QUEUE.AD 2224 712 deflated
README.1ST 7236 2361 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2317 874 deflated
REGULAR.TXT 9111 2689 deflated
RELEASE.TXT 8683 3220 deflated
RICOH408.PD 449 128 deflated
RULES.AD 2349 694 deflated
SERVCS.AD 931 348 deflated
TOPOSORT.AD 1263 512 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

As of 4/20/92

If you recieved this program on a diskette, you must first
"unzip" the archive file AD12.ZIP. Copy AD12.ZIP to another disk
and use the included pkunzip.exe program to expand the file (i.e.
pkunzip ad12). You will require about 400K of storage for the
expanded files.

Otherwise, you will have already expanded the file and should
follow the steps below.

If you upload Action Designer to a BBS, please upload a copy of
the original AD12.ZIP file. You have our greatest appreciation
and thanks for any uploads you make.

BBS Sysops should feel free to do whatever virus screening they
want to. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact
me immediately.

Shareware distributors are authorized to charge their usual
nominal distribution fees. However, keep in mind that this is a
copyrighted work. You may not in any manner infer that your
fee is the only cost to your customers. If it is your practice
to advise your customers that some products you distribute are
fee based shareware, thank you for your consideration.

A registration fee payable to MetaLogic Corporation is required
of all users who adopt Action Designer for use and who wish
technical support.

1. Place the following files in a
subdirectory somewhere on your
AD.EXE AD program
TSRINT.EXE Interrupt
handler used when
SHELL won't work

2. Create a directory in which to
store support files. This
"support" directory will contain
the following files:

AD.HLP On line help text
AD.CFG Configuration file
AD.DOC User's guide text
README.1ST Last minute
*.PD Printer drivers
FEATURES.TXT List of advanced
features in the
registered version
REGISTER.TXT Registration form
VERSION.TXT Known idiosyncrasies
OBJECT.TXT Discussion of
Object Oriented Analysis
PRINTER.TXT Custom printer
specification form
ABOUT.TXT A message from the
REGULAR.TXT Description of the regular
expression technique used
by the Search and Replace
*.LN Language definitions

3. Create one or more subdirectories
in which you will store action
diagrams that you create. These
are referred to as "project"
directories. Place these files in
one of the project directories:

*.AD Various example
Action Diagrams

These will usually be associated
with a specific project.

Only AD.EXE, AD.CFG and AD.HLP are
required to operate AD. You will
want to examine the example

4. Add the following command to your
autoexec.bat file:
where is the location of
your support directory. AD will
look for AD.CFG in this
subdirectory (or in the current
directory if ADDIR isn't set).
Reboot your computer.

5. Test your installation by typing AD
at the DOS prompt. Press Alt-S
to display the current setup.
Enter your project and support
paths (including drive), select a
printer and default language and
set other options as you desire.
Save your configuration by pressing

Printer drivers for a number of popular printers are included.

PLAIN.PD is the generic printer driver.

PLAIN works with the HP Laserjet II and IBM Proprinter.

The User's Guide is contained in AD.DOC. You will want to print
it out in advance of using Action Designer. It is about 35
printed pages. The printed manual for registered users is, of
course, much nicer. Examine the sections on basics, the user
interface and opening diagrams to get a quick operational overview.

There are a number of files that you will want to read.

ABOUT.TXT A letter from me to you
REGISTER.TXT Registration form and procedures
RELEASE.TXT Current release notes
FEATURES.TXT Advanced features in the registered
OBJECT.TXT Notes on an experimental Object Oriented
Analysis feature
PRINTER.TXT Worksheet for custom printer drivers

You can get a hard copy of the manual by entering a command like
"copy ad.doc prn" at the DOS prompt. Certain special characters
are represented by '?' in the text. The formatting is imperfect
in some cases. You will want to register to recieve a laser
printed copy of the manual.

The evaluation copy of Action Designer is fully functional. You
will be reminded of your obligation to pay for what you use

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