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Euphoria Programming Language compiler for 386+ DOS and 2MB.

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Euphoria Programming Language v1.0
Public Domain Edition
for 386+ with 2Mb memory.
Has source code for full-screen editor
and lots of neat demo programs.
Great New Language !
Fast, Flexible and Easy to Learn.
pkunzip into c:\euphoria,
then see readme.doc and install.doc.

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Euphoria Programming Language compiler for 386+ DOS and 2MB.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLSORTS.EX 8341 2072 deflated
ANIMAL.EX 2658 878 deflated
BASIC.DOC 1254 610 deflated
BENCH.DOC 3316 1444 deflated
BIN.DOC 755 405 deflated
C.DOC 3448 1492 deflated
COMMANDS.E 5630 1607 deflated
DAMAGE.E 7752 2399 deflated
DATABASE.BAS 3453 1186 deflated
DATABASE.C 3875 1398 deflated
DATABASE.EX 2741 1069 deflated
DATABASE.PRO 3647 1149 deflated
DEMO.DOC 3200 1421 deflated
DICE.EX 790 349 deflated
DISPLAY.E 7973 2413 deflated
DOS4GW.EXE 231195 115987 deflated
ED.BAT 58 48 deflated
ED.DOC 4193 1686 deflated
ED.EX 31045 7683 deflated
EMOVE.E 6426 2045 deflated
ENEMY.E 8082 2314 deflated
EPRINT.BAT 58 48 deflated
EPRINT.EX 4379 1473 deflated
EX.EXE 183694 97319 deflated
EXAMPLE.EX 1163 515 deflated
FILESORT.EX 615 326 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 291 213 deflated
GET.E 5060 1392 deflated
GET.TST 267 183 deflated
GETNAMES.E 865 395 deflated
GOALS.DOC 8537 3566 deflated
GRAPHICS.E 4388 1434 deflated
GREP.BAT 53 53 stored
GREP.EX 1708 675 deflated
HELP.E 757 336 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 281 157 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 3038 1203 deflated
INSTALL.EX 6296 1995 deflated
LEARN.DAT 108 91 deflated
LEARN.DOC 186 138 deflated
LEARN.EX 6801 2069 deflated
LINES.BAT 63 53 deflated
LINES.EX 1558 613 deflated
LW.DOC 10874 4198 deflated
LW.EX 7317 2753 deflated
LW.SUM 859 352 deflated
MINIMAN.DOC 12732 4984 deflated
MOUSE.E 781 385 deflated
MOUSE.EX 1289 590 deflated
MSET.EX 9955 3260 deflated
PD.DOC 380 213 deflated
PLOT3D.EX 6046 2154 deflated
README.DOC 8568 3458 deflated
RETAB.EX 1871 665 deflated
SANITY.EX 14959 4527 deflated
SB.EX 2453 1022 deflated
SCHED.E 1810 709 deflated
SCREEN.E 5532 1885 deflated
SELECT.E 725 354 deflated
SETUPDIR.EX 2352 919 deflated
SHELL.BAS 1166 534 deflated
SHELL.C 1272 605 deflated
SHELL.EX 1244 583 deflated
SHELL.PAS 2042 698 deflated
SHELL.PRO 1719 655 deflated
SIEVE.BAS 636 339 deflated
SIEVE.C 1081 471 deflated
SIEVE.EX 911 440 deflated
SIEVE.PAS 880 383 deflated
SIEVE.PRO 1256 483 deflated
SIMPLE.EX 517 284 deflated
SORT.E 901 424 deflated
SOUNDEFF.E 1128 401 deflated
SYNCOLOR.E 4877 1685 deflated
TTT.EX 17797 4602 deflated
VARS.E 8119 2572 deflated
WEAPONS.E 6033 2053 deflated
WIRE.EX 8578 2344 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Euphoria Programming Language v1.0
Public Domain Edition
for 386+ with 2Mb memory.
Has source code for full-screen editor
and lots of neat demo programs.
Great New Language !
Fast, Flexible and Easy to Learn.
pkunzip into c:\euphoria,
then see readme.doc and install.doc.

Euphoria 1.0
Public Domain Edition

Welcome to Euphoria! ... End User Programming with Hierarchical Objects
for Robust Interpreted Applications

Euphoria is a new programming language developed by Rapid Deployment Software,
a Canadian software research and development firm.

Euphoria is primarily a language for =End User's= like yourself. These are
people who want to develop software for their own use. They want fast,
easy development. They cannot recover the cost of their labor by selling
hundreds or thousands of copies of their programs. They do not want to spend
countless hours debugging. They do not have the time or inclination to
learn a large, complex language intended for professional programmers, but
they need something better than BASIC.

Euphoria is based on =Hierarchical Objects=. If you have heard of the recent
trend toward object-oriented programming, but you still haven't figured out
what all the fuss is about, relax - we aren't talking about objects in that
sense. Euphoria achieves many of the benefits of object-oriented programming,
but in a much simpler way.

Euphoria programs are =Robust=. This means they tend not to crash when used
in unexpected ways. Your Euphoria program will never die mysteriously.
You will always get a full report of what error occurred, where it occurred,
a dump of variable values, and (optionally) a list of the statements that
were executed leading up to the error. Euphoria programs always run with
subscript range checking, uninitialized variable checking, and numerous other
run-time checks in force (although many of these checks are safely
optimized away by the compiler before runtime). These checks catch numerous
errors that would go unnoticed in other languages. Euphoria has dynamic
storage allocation throughout. This saves you a lot of coding time, and
makes programs simpler, with no chance of mysteriously failing just because
the input was a little larger than expected, or a value overflowed 16-bits etc.

Euphoria programs are =Interpreted=. Well, actually they are compiled into
a machine-independent intermediate language and then executed by a
super-high-speed interpreter. Why do we say "super-high-speed"? Try the
benchmark programs in demo\bench. Suffice it to say that Euphoria
is 10 to 15 times faster than Microsoft QBASIC. In benchmark comparisons of
execution speed versus other interpreted languages, Euphoria is always far
out in front. It can actually be a bit *faster* than optimized, compiled C on
some benchmarks. If you find any interpreted language that even comes close
to Euphoria in speed, we would like to hear from you. Languages that compile
to machine code are not able to provide the same level of runtime checking,
flexibility, ease-of-use, and debuggability that Euphoria excels at.

Euphoria is intended primarily for =Applications= programming. It is not well
suited to developing an operating system, or a device driver as these require
intimacy with the hardware. It could certainly be used to write a compiler.
Primarily though, we see Euphoria as a vehicle for quick development of
End User applications.

Some other Features of Euphoria: Euphoria programs do not know or care about
any 640K or 64K memory restrictions for which MS-DOS is infamous. You can use
all of the multiple megabytes of physical memory on your system seamlessly,
and if that isn't enough you can use a swap file on disk to page
chunks of memory in and out based on a least-recently-used algorithm.

Euphoria comes in two different editions: a Public Domain Edition and a
Complete Edition. Both editions will run any Euphoria program of any size at
full speed. The only restriction in the Public Domain Edition is that certain
debugging features are not available for programs larger than 50 executable
statements. Up to 50 executable statements you will have the full support of
the Euphoria debug/trace, profile and all other facilities, and you will get
complete error messages, tracebacks, and dumps of variable values when you
have an error. Note that your program can have an unlimited number of blank-
lines, comments, declarations, "END IF", etc. The standard include files
are also free, provided they have not been significantly altered.

We want you to have fun writing some programs in Euphoria.
When you decide that you like the language and want to develop a large program,
we hope you will decide to purchase the Complete Edition. The Complete Edition
comes with a fully-detailed printed manual for the whole language (meanwhile
see the condensed "mini-manual" in doc\miniman.doc).

You can distribute the Public Domain Edition, without royalty, so anyone
can run a Euphoria program that you have developed. (the Rational Systems
DOS-extender, "dos4gw.exe", required by Euphoria, is also royalty-free.)
However, you may *not* distribute the Complete Edition, in particular the
version of the file "ex.exe" that comes with the Complete Edition.

The Public Domain Edition of Euphoria, in its entirety, is being placed in the
Public Domain. This includes the Public Domain version of the
compiler/interpreter "ex.exe" and all of the demo programs, including the
editor. We encourage you to use it, copy it, distribute it, upload it to BBS's
etc. We are not asking for any shareware registration fee. We hope to make a
modest profit by selling the fully-enabled, Complete Edition of Euphoria, to
those who wish to develop large programs.

We are offering version 1.0 of the Complete Edition of Euphoria for
MS-DOS at the introductory price of just $49.95 Canadian with GST and PST
included! $43.95 in U.S. currency.

To run Euphoria you must have MS-DOS on any 386/486 or Pentium processor.
Euphoria runs quite comfortably on 2 Mb or more of memory. It has been
thoroughly tested under MS-DOS 4, 5 and 6. If the Public Domain
Edition runs on your machine, the Complete Edition will also run.

What's in this Public Domain release:
subdirectory (after installing)
BIN Euphoria (ex.exe) and some useful utility programs
INCLUDE standard .e include files
DEMO games, benchmarks and other Euphoria programs that
you can run to check out Euphoria
DOC documentation files, including a condensed manual

-- Read install.doc now to find out how easy it is --
-- to install Euphoria on your hard disk. -- --

Try running some of the demo programs in the demo directory.
You can view/modify the source code to any of these demo programs using the
"ed" editor. Then browse the information in the doc directory and start
writing your own Euphoria programs.

... it's time to get euphoric!

Enjoy the Public Domain Edition of Euphoria. When you decide
that you like the language, and would like to step up to the
Complete Edition, just send a cheque or money order payable to:

Rapid Deployment Software
130 Holm Crescent
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 5J3

(416) 764-8636 changing to ...
(905) 764-8636 on October 4, 1993

We'll cover the postage and handling.

Please include your name and complete mailing address.
Indicate your product preference:

Product Number Description
-------------- -----------
1023A Euphoria 1.0* Complete Edition + manual
3.5" 1.44 Mb floppy
1023B Euphoria 1.0* Complete Edition + manual
5.25" 1.2Mb floppy

* we reserve the right to substitute a more recent and improved
version of Euphoria, if one is available

As a registered user of Euphoria, you will be eligible for
technical support, and reduced prices on future releases.

DISCLAIMER: The Public Domain and Complete Editions of Euphoria are
provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. In no event shall
Rapid Deployment Software be held liable for any damages arising
from the use of or inability to use this product.

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