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MswLogo v3.2 - Logo programming language for Windows.
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MswLogo v3.2 – Logo programming language for Windows.
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Download File MSWLOG32.ZIP Here

Contents of the MSWLGO32.TXT file

MswLogo Version 3.2 for Micro-Soft Windows 3.0,1 is ready !!!

The "base kit" is for users with Windows 3.1. The "extensions kit"
is for Windows 3.0 users. The "extensions kit" is not a FULL kit, you still
need the "base kit" for any installation. The "base kit" includes the only
documentation in Microsoft Windows Write (.WRI) format. You can load it into
Write and print for any format you have drivers for including postscript. (base kit: Windows 3.1) (extensions kit: Windows 3.0)

LOCATION: itrc::/millspub/ (this is a DEC internal location)
or on pub/comp.lang.logo/programs/mswlogo
simtel on PD1: (in queue)
Send the following message to: [email protected]
----cut here----
chdir pub/comp.lang.logo/programs/mswlogo
----cut here----

Send the following message to: [email protected] for more
information on ftpmail
----cut here----
----cut here----

Note: The ftpmail server suggested here it is a common service to internet
users from Digital Equipment Corporation.

New features/bugs fixed:

o All fixes from UCBLOGO 2.9 are in. The main one being that
test/iftrue/iffalse now works.

o I've worked quite a bit on the Editor. It is much more tightly integrated
with Logo. I believe it is Novice-Proof. Multiple Edit sessions are
supported. See Help on Edit for more details.

o The Editor will also Automatically bounce you back to the Editor if
Your Edit could not load (less likely to loose the Edit).

o Another nice feature in any development environment is context sensitive
help. Well now you have it. In the Editor Double-click on left button to
select a Keyword and Click on the Right Button and up comes Help
on that Keyword :-).

o The programmable windows scroller was flaky and is now fixed.

o I don't know how or when this slipped in, but the active-area dialog
box was broken and now working (again).

o Double-click in Command Recall will now execute that line.

o The Icon now works on the Commander. Sometimes what appears to be
so simple can be a nightmare (the Icon on the commander took days
to work right). And some things that appears complex, so easy (Logo
itself does not have one line of code to support the Clipboard,
it's all just there).

o Pause now works when at Top Level.

o Yield, NoYield, and Halt are available as logo commands.

o One problem with MswLogo has been knowing if it's running or not
when doing non-graphical operations. Typically the Hour-glass cursor
is used for this. But this is not possible since the cursor can be used
while it's running. I've added another "statistic" to the Status Window.
It shows how many "Calls" (including calls to built in functions) since
the last time you hit the Execute Button.

It serves two purposes. One, you now have another measure to compare
solutions. Second it acts as an indicator it is running. You may also
ask why bury information, such as this in the popup window. The reason
is performance and screen real estate.

o You can now load Logo and Auto Start programs from the command line
(similar to UCBLogo). The switch is "-l" (stands for Load). It MUST be
the last switch on command line. For example:

c:\logo>win logo -w 800 -h 800 -l c:\logo\mytest.lg

You can also set these args in the properties of the Icon.
This way you can have different Icons for different initialization

o And as usual the Help file has had some work and still needs more.
It's getting there.

o Oh, And hopefully I did not screw up the Build for Multi-Media this time.

(Thanks to many folks for spotting many of these bugs, feedback is getting
better but I can always use more)

NOTE: Windows 3.0 users there is a separate executable for 3.0
due to the MultiMedia enhancements which 3.0 does not have.

To Install it:

Note, NO environment variables (set xxx=yyy commands) needed.

1) UnZip MSWLGO32.ZIP into a directory (e.g. c:\logo)

2) UnZip LOGOLIB.ZIP (included in MSWLGO32.ZIP) into LOGOLIB
(e.g. c:\logo\logolib). The library used to be optional on mswlogo
it is required from now on.

3) UnZip EXAMPLES.ZIP (included in MSWLGO32.ZIP) into EXAMPLES
(e.g. c:\logo\examples). These are optional examples.

4) Copy BWCC.DLL (included in the .ZIP) to anywhere in your PATH.
The desired place is in your root windows directory (e.g. c:\windows).

5) Start Windows and add an Icon as follows:

a) Select the applications (or other desired) group box.

b) Go into Program manger FILE menu and click on New.

c) Select Program Item and click OK.

d) Enter the command for logo (e.g. c:\logo\logo).

Note: Windows 3.0 users MUST use logo30 (e.g. c:\logo\logo30).
You must get logo30.exe from the "extensions kit".
You may also delete the .EXE you do not use here.

This can also be where you select the size of the image (NOT the size
window). The switches "-h number" (to select height) and "-w number" (to
select width). The default has been and still is 1000x1000. For example
to change to a 500x500 image (using 1/4 the amount of memory) enter:

c:\logo\logo -h 500 -w 500

e) Include a working directory (e.g. c:\logo\work) or you'll have logo
files all over the place (this is available only to Windows 3.1).

Start it from Windows by double clicking the Logo Icon

Start it from DOS by typing "win logo [options]" at DOS prompt (assuming
logo.exe is in your PATH).

Try typing "DEMO" in the "Input Box".

Standard features:

o Supports Text in all available fonts and sizes.
o Cut, Paste and stretching bitmaps.
o Zoom.
o Tail recursion.
o User error handling.
o "Standard" Logo parsing.
o Floodfill.
o Save and restore images in .BMP format.
o 16.7 million pen and background colors (using windows dithering).
o Supports color palette (256 solid colors).
o Standard Windows Hypertext Help.
o Standard Windows Printing.
o Supports separate library and work area.

Recommended usage:

o If your a ucblogo user and waiting for a windows version.
Use it now, I think you'll like it.

o If your a former mswlogo user and you, your child or students
are happy with their progress and usefulness on mswlogo 2.4
then stick with it for now. Once you've reached some of mswlogo 2.4's
weaknesses (like limits in recursion, large programs hard to manage
etc. then you may want to give it a try now).

Bugs / Basic Missing features:

o Real mode is not supported.
o Printing on (very few) printers still doesn't work.
o Need arrow-key command recall.
o Character cell operations missing, setcursor etc.
o Online help that a younger user can understand.
o User controlled buttons and dialog boxes.
o Bugs you find.

o If a bug is really bugging you or feature you really want to see done,
say so, by sending me email. This will help me determine what's important.
No promises, but it will help. I love any feedback good or bad.

Reporting bugs:

Report bugs to George Mills ([email protected]). I do have
an account on compuserve but I prefer internet mail (which is available
on compuserv).

You can also report bugs to Brian Harvey ([email protected])
if you think it's the core (or a possibility of the core). If you know
it's related to the enhanced functions or the Windows front-end Brian
probably won't care to know about it.


I apologize for not having source available yet. These quick interim
releases were not planned. So I'm pushing the source release out to 3.4.
But if you really really want sources for porting to Non-English language.
Drop me some email. A lot of folks are interested in adding Floor turtle
support. I have briefly looked into Peek and Poke to possibly allow these
customizations to be done as a Logo program. But I've had little luck.

Minimum System Requirements:

286 with Minimum of 2meg running Window 3.0 in Standard Mode.

Wish list:

o Sound generation.
o Multi-line Clipboard support.
o Multiple Turtles.

Public domain Logo's (on IBMPCs):

LADYBUG - Simple cute (barely logo) program. The thing that is impressive
is how the author added music (using the PC speaker). CGA-DOS.
NO support.

DOSLOGO - Based on Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School and Boston Children's
Museum (Brian Harvey was involved with the enhancements that the
High school added). It was running on Unix and VMS (and others)
when I ported to DOS in 1990. I did not release it to
outside of DEC until MswLogo. It runs fairly well but has some
architectural problems (non "standard parsing", no tail recursion,
limit of one routine per file). Poor user interface. NO support.

MSWLOGO24 or older - Based on DOSLOGO. Many graphical extensions a nice user
interface but still has the same problems as DOSLOGO. NO support.

UCBLOGO - Brian Harvey at Berkeley started over with this project and is
a Decent core. But again under DOS has a poor user interface.
Supported. Best public Domain for DOS.

MSWLOGO3X or newer - Based on UCBLOGO and MSWLOGO24 (the best of Both)
Good user interface and good core. Supported. Best public Domain
for Windows (that I know of at this time).

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