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GNU project info viewer: a hypertext browser for the GNU project’s.
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Contents of the README file

# readme. - GNUish MS-DOS info-*-Text-*-
# Copyright (C) 1990 by Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Thorsten Ohl

This is the GNU stand-alone info program for MS-DOS. It allows you to
read GNU Emacs info files (the online form of the documentation for the
GNU operating system) without GNU Emacs.

And this is the GNU stand-alone makeinfo program for MS-DOS. It allows
you to format texinfo files as info files without GNU Emacs.


This release is special, since it does *not* come as patches to the GNU
release. Simple reason: there is no GNU release yet.

Brian Fox (the original author, he's got to get all the credits) has no
objections to distributing this port of the pre-release version to MS-DOS
users. If you really need to know where I started from: pretend that
you're cpp and that you don't have "MSDOS" predefined.

Please don't blame Brian for the crazy *.d and *.e files. They are
caused by my Freemacs addiction... You can savely `cat' the files, if
you're using an editor for >64k files.


Note that info searches for files in $INFOPATH, which is a semicolon
separated list of directories. (The executable searches by default in the
current directory and in "c:/emacs/info", but that might not be
appropriate for your system.)

The current version of makeinfo is restricted to files that fit into
memory in one piece. This means for instance that make.texinfo can be
processed, while you will have to get from someone with a
"real computer" :-).


To recompile, you'll also need the gnulib (for details see readme.gmd).

Please note that I'm not particularly proud of the present version of
the terminal driver. I would appreciate contributions of smarter code
which detects the screen dimensions and related informations even on non-VGA

pc_term.c was written with Microsoft C 6.0 and should also compile with
MSC 5.1, provided you don't define USE_ASSEMBLER. I'm convinced that the
macros can easily be adapted for Turbo C. Again I would appreciate

Thanks to Francois Pinard and Richard
Reiner for finding the bugs in the pre-release
(of the port of the pre-release ...).

Enjoy it.

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