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A great program lister. Works great with MASM, well will all others.
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A great program lister. Works great with MASM, well will all others.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

---------- N O T I C E ----------

------------------- v1.31 --------------------

With v1.31, the %COMM directives have been removed to make the code size
smaller to make room for other feaetures.

The ASCII filter has been added to allow you to filter out hi- and lo-ASCII
characters which some printers have trouble with. The filter is by default
Off, and may be turned on via the /FL parameter or the !filter take command.
The filter allows you to specify the character used to replace with.

The take language has been made less confusing by removing the !noline and
!nosect commands. The !bold,!line, and !sect commands now accept boolean
arguments, and the !line command accepts an optional argument to specify
what character is used to draw the line with. See the docs for more details.

Additional support has been given to the PAGE directive.

The /Q series of parameters has been extended and modified. Be sure to read
the docs if you use any of these parameters.

An obscure bug reported by Brian Taylor has been fixed. This bug would mainly
affect only floppy disk users. Thanks Brian!

------------------- v1.3 --------------------

For those of you who are already using PL in your work, please note that a
couple of directives and parameters have changed meaning since release 1.2.
What follows is a breif description of the changes; there are many additions
as well, which are detailed in the documentation.

The /F directive has been replaced with the /O:filespec directive. This is
to allow conformity with the UNIX "standard" argument for this purpose. The
syntax remains the same.

The /F directive has been changed to a new meaning. It now controls the
maximum number of files PL will hold open at any given time. See the
documentation for details.

The /T option has been removed. /T now holds a different meaning: you may use
it to specify a "take" file. Read the new section in the documentation
concerning these files; they are entirely new to PL and offer a great deal of
power, including conditional logic capabilities, to those who wish to take
advantage of them.

Additionally, the /QC and /QH options have been added to allow you to "silence"
PL when there is no error. The /QC will toggle the status reporting to the
Console, and /QH will toggle the page headers PL prints. The later will allow
you to create more "generic" printed listings of your code.

The %COMM directive is being replaced by the .COMM directive. The reasons are
detailed in the documentation. For the time being, %COMM will be supported,
and will completely interchangeable with .COMM, for those of you already using
this directive. I recommend using only .COMM in the future, and changing all
occurances of %COMM as you have time. I will try to support the %COMM
directive for a reasonable period of time, but cannot at this point predict
how long that period will be.

As always, please feel free to make comments or ask questions.

Fred Drake
1204-B Glade Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060

by modem:
Blacksburg Information Service
(703) 552-0987
leave mail to: Fred Drake

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