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A public domain version of PROLOG. More full featured than PDPROLOG.
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A public domain version of PROLOG. More full featured than PDPROLOG.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Installation instructions and release notes

Prolog-2 Public Domain

Version 2.30 - IBM PC

1. Installation on hard disk

There is no special installation procedure for Prolog-2; simply make
a directory called, for example, PROLOG2 on your hard disk and copy
all the diskettes supplied into it. Then test your installation by
typing PROLOG2.

2. Installation on floppy disks

It is also possible to run Prolog-2 from a floppy disk. Make a backup
copy before doing this.


You must also have a file CONFIG.SYS on the disk from which you
boot DOS - you may have one already.

Your CONFIG.SYS file must contain the statement


otherwise you will get system errors during startup. Once you have
added this line to the file, reboot the machine for it to take

4. Editor

The full Prolog-2 system has an integrated editor. In this version
a predicate edit/1 is supplied to allow files to be edited; specify
the name of the file as an argument. The file is automatically
reconsulted after editing. Thus

?- edit(foo).

edits FOO.PRO and reconsults it. edit/1 works by invoking a batch
file EDIT.BAT with the file as argument. A sample EDIT.BAT that invokes
WordStar is supplied; edit it to invoke your normal editor. Note that
only 128000 bytes are free for editing. If you need more, the form

?- edit(foo,200000).

for example will free 200000 bytes of memory.

5. Legalese

This Prolog system is the freeware version of Prolog-2 from Expert
Systems Ltd. You are encouraged to copy this disk, subject to the
restriction that you must not delete or change any of the supplied
files without the permission of ESL (on the other hand, if you want to
ship your own Prolog program you are free to add files).

There is no registration fee for this version of Prolog-2, and the
product is not supported. But if you upgrade to another version
of Prolog-2 you can use the ESL bulletin board or the help line to
report problems and request new versions.

This public domain was originally developed for the Open University
to be shipped with their MIKE Expert System. Their help and advice
in assembling this package is gratefully acknowledged.

Expert Systems Ltd
Unit 12
7 West Way
Oxford OX2 0JB
+44 865 794474

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