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Screen Builder -- shareware "Bricklin".
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Screen Builder — shareware “Bricklin”.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATTRSCRN 4003 1460 deflated
BLOADC 7 7 stored
BLOADC.BAT 28 27 deflated
BLOADM 7 7 stored
BLOADM.BAT 28 27 deflated
CHARSCRN 4003 1285 deflated
HELPSCR2 4003 737 deflated
HELPSCRN 4003 1104 deflated
README 3293 1227 deflated
SBSHARE.DOC 82463 21323 deflated
SBSHARE.EXE 68496 28928 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This is a "shareware" version of the commercial ScreenBuilder program
package. All information is found in the "manual-on-a-disk" file
"SBSHARE.DOC". The shareware version of the ScreenBuilder program is
called SBSHARE.EXE and should be used whenever the manual refers to the
SB.EXE program.

Additional information not found in the "manual-on-a-disk" worth taking
note of:


1) The following is a list of files found in this demo:

README . - This file

SBSHARE .EXE - Shareware version of ScreenBuilder
HELPSCRN. - Main help screen used by SBSHARE.EXE
ATTRSCRN. - Attribute screen used by SBSHARE.EXE
CHARSCRN. - Character screen used by SBSHARE.EXE
HELPSCR2. - 2nd help screen used by SBSHARE.EXE
SBSHARE .DOC - Documentation for SBSHARE.EXE

BLOADC .BAT - Batch file to create BASIC bloadable color picture
BLOADM .BAT - Batch file to create BASIC bloadable b/w picture
BLOADC . - Data file used by BLOADC.BAT
BLOADM . - Data file used by BLOADM.BAT


2) The files created by using this program end with an extension of
".8D" (which stands for 80 column Display file). These are stored
as screen or binary images of the screen's display buffer and are
in the order of character-attr-character-attr etc for a length of
4000 bytes. The actual file stored is 4003 bytes. The last three
bytes represent the foreground, background, and border colors of
the picture when you saved the picture.


3) For those of you using BASIC, decide whether you are using a color
or monochrome monitor. For color, the command:


creates a "bloadable" picture file (pic.bld) out of the file
(picfile.8d) created with ScreenBuilder. For a monochrome picture,
use the BLOADM batch file instead of BLOADC. Then simply use the
following BASIC command:


For those of you using (Turbo) C, the following code will load your
file from within an application program:


void loadscrn(scrnfile) /* name of file in passed string */
char *scrnfile;
unsigned offset, segment;
FILE *f;
printf("\nError- Can't open screen file %s\n",scrnfile);
screenseg=( ((char)peekb(0x40,0x49)) == 7) ? 0xb000 : 0xb800;
for(offset=0; offset<4000; offset++)
pokeb(screenseg, offset, (char) getc(f) );


4) You'll want to copy the file "SBSHARE.DOC" to your printer. It's
rather lengthy and may not fit into your text editor.


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