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Universal Batch Compilier Interface v1.0.0 (TPC compat).
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Universal Batch Compilier Interface v1.0.0 (TPC compat).
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Contents of the UBCI.DOC file

Universal Batch Compilier Interface v1.0.0
(c)Copywrite 1989 The Phoenix Software Group
All Rights Reserved

Purpose: To allow a programmer to "batch" compile a series of programs without
having to enter each filename after each compile.

Features: UBCI will compile a list of files and pause upon compleation of all
files, or upon compleation of a file containing errors or warnings.

Usage: UBCI

Setup: You must create 2 files for each project that you need to use UBCI for.
The first file is the LIST FILE. This file is a sequential ASCII file
listing all files to be compiled (include .EXT if compilier needs this),
each being a seperate line in the LIST FILE. The LIST FILE must have
an extention of .LST.
The second file is the CONFIG FILE. This file is where UBCI will
get all of the needed information to compile the files in the LIST FILE.
The CONFIG FILE is an ASCII file that contains three (3) lines:
(25chrs max)
(25chrs max)
(25chrs max)
The CONFIG FILE must have an extention of .CFG.

Credits: UBCI is given to the public domain for use by all who come by it.
If you find UBCI usefull, then please pass it on to a friend or
another BBS you frequient. If you have any questions, suggestions,
or problems with UBCI, please contact me at:

Microshare II BBS
9600-300bd 24hrs/7days
"The Home of FORCE!(tm)"

Guy Smith / The Phoenix Software Group
Feb 1, 1989

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