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BRIEF 2.0 macro. Pick file to edit from a scroll box.
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BRIEF 2.0 macro. Pick file to edit from a scroll box.
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Contents of the FILELIST.DOC file

FileList 1.10 is distributed for free use. All I ask in return is
that you give me proper credit if you use or modify it and that it not be
distributed for a fee.

FileList 1.10 was written and compiled using BRIEF 2.01. FileList
allows the user to get a pop-up list of files to edit. FileList will first
prompt for a File Spec. The user may enter any valid DOS wildcard and
FileList will list all the files that match the file spec.

The user may then pick any of the files from the list for editing. If
FileList finds only one match, no list is displayed and that file is brought
up for editing.

This is Version 1.10 of FileList. This version recognizes your
screen mode and handles it appropriately. This means that if you are using
a VGA in 60 line mode, for example, the scroll box can display up to 57
files at once!

Using FileList 1.10
To use FileList you MUST copy FILELIST.BOX into your BHELP directory
(usually called \BRIEF\HELP) and copy FILELIST.CM into your BPATH directory
(usually called \BRIEF\MACROS). FileList can then be run by pressing [F10]
and entering the command FILELIST. You can also assign FileList to a key
by using BRIEF's 'assign_to_key' macro. For example, to setup BRIEF to let
[Alt]-[F3] run FileList, add the following line to KEYBOARD.H:

(assign_to_key "" "filelist")

Now compile the macro STARTUP.M by typing

CM startup

at the DOS PROMPT. Of course, this assumes that CM.EXE (BRIEF's macro
compiler) is in your DOS path.

Technical Note
FileList makes use of BRIEF's Dialog Manager. If you are not
familiar with the Dialog Manager, (and are so inclined) I recommend that
you have a look. The code which comprises this macro is a good start.

Unfortunately, the Dialog Manager is all but ignored in the BRIEF
documentation. Documentation on the Dialog Manager can be found in the file
DIALOG.DOC, included with BRIEF 2.01.

Your comments are encouraged. I can be reached at:
Compuserve ID: 76247,3151
Kwibble BBS: (703) 243-4820
That Programming Place:(301) 474-1702


Brian Cheetham
1474 Chatham Court
Crofton, Maryland 21114

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