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Programs to cleanup Fortran source files.
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Programs to cleanup Fortran source files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONVERT.CMS 1757 749 deflated
CONVERT.UNX 1452 632 deflated
KUPPER.UNX 5822 955 deflated
READ.ME 1236 632 deflated
SKARD.FOR 3471 1156 deflated
SKARD.UNX 3471 1156 deflated
TIDY.DOC 13212 4326 deflated
TIDY.EXE 157124 49057 deflated
TIDY.FOR 134254 30897 deflated
TIDY.INC 2021 729 deflated
TIDYEXEC.CMS 3697 1214 deflated
TIDYHELP.CMS 7655 2632 deflated
UNITS.INC 424 146 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This archive file contains FORTRAN source and documentation for TIDY, a
program to renumber and otherwise clean up FORTRAN-77 source programs.

The files in this archive file are:

Name Description
============ ===================
CONVERT.CMS IBM CMS conversion notes
CONVERT.UNX 4.3 BSD UNIX conversion notes
KUPPER.UNX Special version of subroutine KUPPER for use on UNIX
TIDY.EXE Executable program (coprocessor required)
TIDY.FOR FORTRAN source code
TIDY.INC INCLUDE file for use with FORTRAN source
TIDYEXEC.CMS Sample EXEC for use with IBM CMS systems
TIDYHELP.CMS On-line HELP file for IBM CMS systems
UNITS.INC INCLUDE file for use with FORTRAN source

I have verified that this program works as advertised. However, if you
try to recompile TIDY.FOR as is you will hang your system at runtime.
Specifically there is a call to OPFIL as a subroutine where OPFIL is an
INTEGER FUNCTION. I do not know which is correct. I have not done any
more debugging as the TIDY.EXE that Al supplied works fine. Feel free
to bebug this and upload the fixed TIDY.FOR onto our BBS.

Daniel Wright
Technical Support
Lahey Computer Systems, Inc.

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