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Fortran Scientific Subroutine. Package 1 of 3.
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Fortran Scientific Subroutine. Package 1 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
-CATALOG.401 1280 628 deflated
AGLGQUAD.ZIP 15541 7787 deflated
CONTENTS.PCB 3218 904 deflated
EXTRMFCT.ZIP 13983 12661 deflated
GAUQUAD.ZIP 13367 5677 deflated
GHRMQUAD.ZIP 14929 7366 deflated
GLGRQUAD.ZIP 15072 7517 deflated
NUMDIFF.ZIP 14673 12296 deflated
NUMQUAD.ZIP 16743 13263 deflated
ORDDIFEQ.ZIP 38909 35983 deflated
PC-BLUE.SSP 1664 854 deflated
PERMUT.ZIP 2523 2403 deflated
README.1ST 554 297 deflated
ROOTNLEQ.ZIP 9495 8555 deflated
SEQUENCE.ZIP 6888 6525 deflated
SPCLFNCT.ZIP 23482 20719 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The SSP program is normally distributed on a couple of
disks by PC-Blue. The files on those disks are noted in
the PC-Blue file (-CATALOG.###) and in the author's file
(CONTENTS.PCB). In order to make SSP downloadable in a
reasonable time period on a BBS, the collection of 2 disks
has been made into three files......

SSP1.ARC contains all of volume #1 except ITRPAPSM.ARC
SSP2.ARC contains all of volume #2 except MATINSL.ARC

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