Dec 122017
A Cartography program from BYTE Magazine.
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A Cartography program from BYTE Magazine.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CART87.EXE 30560 13177 deflated
CART87.PAS 19569 5341 deflated
CARTOG.DOC 20468 7921 deflated
CARTOG.EXE 28368 12800 deflated
CARTOG.PAS 12754 4219 deflated
METAWNDO.EXE 88833 45923 deflated
PRTSCRN.EXE 2819 1749 deflated
READ.ME 716 459 deflated
RUN.BAT 31 30 deflated
RUN87.BAT 27 27 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The files in BIGWORLD.EXE and BIGPOL.EXE take up more space
than one 360K floppy will hold. We ARChived the material, and you
need to UNARC it before you use it. Here's how:

Log onto the drive/directory you wish the extracted files
written to. Insert the first disk, then type:


Insert the second disk, then type:


That's it! You should be ready to run and adapt CARTOG any
way you please. If you come up with anything interesting, please
let us know!

Robert Miller and Francis Reddy

Problem? You may reach FR via CompuServe (ID: 71555,126),
through EXEC-PC (414-964-5160), or through the free IFR BBS

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