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Latest versions of OS/2 2.0 backup and restore programs.
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Latest versions of OS/2 2.0 backup and restore programs.
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Contents of the READ.ME! file


Copyright IBM Corporation, 1992. All rights reserved.
Copyright IBM Deutschland GmbH, 1992. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


The utilities in this ZIP file were copied from a "rescue diskette"
created on a system which came with OS/2 preinstalled from IBM. Please
use them with caution and at your own risk.

BACKUP.EXE 29'804 bytes 4/10/92 12:00
RESTORE.EXE 32'234 bytes 4/10/92 12:00
OSO001.MSG 171'340 bytes 3/30/92 12:00
SETATTR.CMD 267 bytes 9/01/92 11:45

These Version of BACKUP.EXE and RESTORE.EXE are NOT identical to the
versions found on the original OS/2 2.0 (GA) distribution disks. With the
GA versions, it is not possible to do a full system backup of an OS/2 2.0
system, because important files are skipped during backup.

Use these new versions of BACKUP and RESTORE to perform a complete backup of
an OS/2 2.0 system to optical disk, Bernoulli, or diskettes. Make sure
you use the right versions: if you don't and the GA version of BACKUP
is used, you'll end up with an incomplete backup set!

You'll need a set of OS/2 2.0 startup diskettes with the appropriate
drivers for your backup storage device. The system must then be started
from those diskettes, _not_ from the harddisk. Assuming there's an
optical drive D:, a full system backup of drive C: can then be performed
as follows:

A:\> BACKUP C:\*.* D: /S

To restore the complete backup (again assuming the optical drive has been
assigned the drive letter D) to drive C:

A:\> RESTORE D:\*.* C: /S

Use SETATTR.CMD to reset the file attributes of the OS/2 2.0 system files
back to their original state after the backup/restore. SETATTR assumes
OS/2 is installed in drive C:, because all the systems in our company are
set up that way. Modify the drive letter in SETATTR.CMD to match your
installation, or change the file attributes 'manually' using ATTRIB.

September 1, 1992
Raymond Berra
([email protected])

----END of READ.ME!----

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