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Kill an OS/2 process by id number.
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Kill an OS/2 process by id number.
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KILLPROC - (C)Copyright 1990, Gilmore Systems
From the makers of "Magnum BBS" (tm) for OS/2
BBS: (805) 582-9306 Voice: (805) 582-1360

KILLPROC.EXE is a utility program which can kill (terminate) any process
(program) on the system provided you know the PID (Process IDentification #)
of the process you wish to kill.

The PID can be supplied as either a decimal or a hexadecimal number. For
example, if the PID of the program you wish to kill is 91, either of the
following invokations of the KILLPROC.EXE program would kill the program:


To provide a hexadecimal number as the PID of the process to kill, simply
start the PID number with the 'x' character (upper/lowercase not important).

If you're using OS/2 1.2 or greater, you can use the PSTAT utility provided
with the operating system to get a list of all active processes and their

For further information, execute KILLPROC.EXE without any parms (without
supplying a PID#).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Be certain to call our BBS (above) to experience the power of a "Magnum BBS"
system running under OS/2. If you're considering purchasing an OS/2 BBS,
you'll appreciate the power and configurability of this system.

If you're looking for more OS/2 programs, we have the widest available
selection of OS/2 files online of any other BBS in the world! A large
message database devoted entirely to OS/2 is available to all callers!


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