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Orchid Pro Designer II OS/2 2.0 Drivers for 16 color modes.
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Orchid Pro Designer II OS/2 2.0 Drivers for 16 color modes.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Orchid Technology, Inc.

Orchid ProDesigner IIs Series OS/2 2.0 Display Driver
Installation Instructions
Version .9

On this diskette you will find two self extracting files (OS2PRO4.EXE and
OS2PRO8.EXE). These files can be extracted by the following set of

1. Make a directory on your OS/2 boot volume called ORCHID (i.e. MD\ORCHID).

2. Change directory on your OS/2 boot volume to ORCHID (i.e. CD\ORCHID).

3. Type the following line at the command prompt:


Note: Replace "#" with a 4 for 16 color driver or an 8 for 256 color

The following is the list of drivers provided in these self extracting

OS2PRO4.EXE will expand to:

OS2PRO8.EXE will expand to:

To Install:

If OS/2 version 2.0 is already installed on your system, skip to step 3.

1. Install OS/2 version 2.0 on the system.

2. Extract and copy the ProDesigner II Series drivers over to the OS/2
boot volume, by following the three steps listed above.

3. File and Path verification:

Before starting, the file VSVGA.SYS shipped in the shrink-wrapped
OS/2 version 2.0 box should be updated with a later one available from
CompuServe, CIS:IBMOS2, lib 10, VSVGA.ZIP. The unzipped VSVGA.SYS file
should be 65016 bytes in size and dated 4/20/92. Do not use the 3/30/92
version as it will not work with all versions of the ProDesigner II
Series cards.

Note: The VSVGA.ZIP file is also available on the Orchid Technology's
Technical Support BBS under the OS2 directory.

Configure the card to supply vertical refresh rates no higher than 60Hz
in any Super VGA mode. Refresh rates above 60Hz are not supported in this
version of OS/2. The dip switch information for your card is located in
your ProDesigner IIs Series Manual.

If OS/2 was installed with a ProDesigner IIs Series card present in the
system, skip to step 4.

Using a text editor, add the following lines to the CONFIG.SYS file.


Remove or comment out the following lines:


Using OS/2 UNPACK.EXE (consult the OS/2 command reference for information
on how to use UNPACK) unpack and copy the following files.

/OS2/MDOS/VSVGA.SYS (the updated one!)

(UNPACK has a "show" command line switch by which a search can be performed
on the packed files on the OS/2 Installation Diskettes to locate the above

4. Change directory to the ORCHID subdirectory (i.e. CD\ORCHID)

5. Copy one of the drivers over the DISPLAY.DLL file, for example:

copy /b a:1024x16.dll display.dll

6. Use a text editor and modify the LIBPATH statement in the OS/2 2.0
CONFIG.SYS to put the ORCHID subdirectory in the LIBPATH. It should be
placed before any other LIBPATH entries.

As an example:


should be changed to


7. Change to the \OS2 subdirectory and run SVGA.EXE using the command line
parameter ON (cd\OS2).

svga on

This results in the creation, in the current subdirectory (\OS2), of a video
parameter file called SVGADATA.PMI. Please be sure this file exists before

8. Reboot the system.

Known Problems:

The hot spot under the 800x600x256 color driver is very small, so under some
applications, like chess, it might be difficult to pick up one of the pieces.

When using the High Performance hard disk option with some hard disk
controllers and our drivers, the system will lock up. We recommend using the
FAT hard disk option on all non-IBM PS/2 systems.

When using the Klondike game, some of the card back's colors do not appear
correctly (light blue rather than dark blue).

Suggestions, hints, help & problem reporting:

Upon rebooting, in some cases, some or all ICONs on the desktop or in a
window may not be visible. Use the scroll bars at the right and bottom edges
of the window to bring the ICONs into view. Or, in a window, press the right
mouse button, choose arrange by selecting it using the left mouse button.
This action will bring the out of sight ICONs into view.

Some application screens may not be completely visible. Press
to bring up the task list window. Using the left mouse button, highlight the
application name, then use the right mouse button to bring up a menu. From
this menu select Tile or Cascade and the full screen of the application will
then be visible.

This version is the second release of the driver. While every effort has been
made to insure it is error free, no guanrantee is made that this is the
case. As problems are found and fixed, which result in a later version of the
driver, it will be uploaded to the Orchid BBS or CompuServe as soon as

If you wish to report a problem you may do so by generating a text file with
all pertinent information:

System description
(CPU, BIOS version, systemboard memory, other installed hardware)

ProDesigner II adapter description
(include BIOS version, hardware revision level, switch [ISA],
configuration register [EISA], or POS settings [Micro Channel],
resolution of driver being used, dat & time stamp of driver)

OS/2 configuration
(copy of CONFIG.SYS file)

System or application software in use when problem symptoms appeared
(name, version, configuration)

Problem description

Steps necessary to reproduce problem symptoms

Daytime phone number with a best time to call in case further
information is needed.

Send or fax all correspondence to:

OS/2 Drivers
Orchid Technology
Technical Support
45365 Northport Loop West
Fremont, CA 94538

FAX: (510) 683-0355

You might wish to check the Orchid BBS on a periodic basis for future
releases of drivers. The Orchid BBS phone numbers are:

2400 Baud N,8,1 (510) 683-0327
9600 Baud N,8,1 (510) 683-0555

Thank you and happy computing.

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