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Browse files under OS/2 PM.
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Browse files under OS/2 PM.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BROWSE2.EXE 28688 13781 deflated
BROWSE2.TXT 1000 552 deflated

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Contents of the BROWSE2.TXT file

Browse/2 lets you scroll a file and search for text strings. You can
display the file in ASCII or hex. Version 1.0 of the program is
limited to the first 64KB of a file.

To start the program, type "browse2" on the command line. You can
add the name of a file you want to browse. While the program is
running, you can click on the Help menu item or press F1 to display
additional instructions.

Version 1.0 is a shareware program. It may not be used for any
commercial purpose or included with any product for which a fee is
charged. If you find the program useful, please register it by
sending $20.00 to the address below. (California residents: add
$1.40 sales tax.)

Wolf Software Design
6369 Caminito Flecha
San Diego, California 92111

Registered users receive direct support on BIX (ID jwolf) and
CompuServe (ID 72777,1556). They also receive one free update and
notice of future program enhancements.

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