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FC command (FILE COMPARE) for OS/2 command line. Better than COMP.
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FC command (FILE COMPARE) for OS/2 command line. Better than COMP.
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Contents of the FCMP.DOC file

FC-MDOS.EXE and FC-OS2.EXE (c)1993 Hearty Mosquito SoftWare
Version 1.0

Hearty Mosquito SoftWare is not responsible for anything.
Use at your own risk.

If you like and use this program, send $5 to:

Hearty Mosquito SoftWare
4216 29th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55406


For some reason, IBM declined or neglected to provide a File Compare program
for OS/2's command lines, the OS/2 system command line or OS/2's DOS command

There -is- a COMP command, but they are not the same.
Check your MS-DOS manual to see the differences between COMP and FC.

The MS-DOS version of FC checks the operating system version before running, and
the copy of FC.EXE that was included with your pre-OS/2 version of DOS.
will probably not run at an OS/2-DOS command line.
FCMP doesn't care what version of what OS you're running.

---------- INSTALLATION: --------------------------------

The two executable files are functionally the same. One is for the OS/2 command
line, the other is for the OS/2-DOS command line. Copy them to the appropriate
directory, which in the default OS/2 setup would be:




Now you can just type FCMP at any OS/2 system prompt and you're cooking!

---------- SYNTAX: --------------------------------------

FCMP [/B] [/L] [/C] [/N] [filename] [filename]

/B Perform a binary comparison.

The default mode if the first filespec has an .EXE, .SYS, .COM, .BIN, .OBJ,
or .LIB extension.
Any other extension will be considered text unless this switch is used.

/L Compare files as ASCII text.

The default mode, unless the first filespec has an extension of .EXE,
.SYS, .COM, .BIN, .OBJ, or .LIB.

/C Disregard the case of letters in an ASCII comparison.
/N Display line numbers in an ASCII comparison.

These switches are only accepted for text comparisons. They will be ignored
if the first filespec has an .EXE, .SYS, .COM, .BIN, .OBJ, or .LIB extension,
or if the /B switch is used.

---------- Other notes: ---------------------------------

Exit codes (errorlevels):
0 No difference in the files.
1 Error reading a file -or- 1 difference encountered in the files.
2-255 All other errorcodes indicate the number of differences found.
In a text file, the number of lines that were different.
In a binary file, the number of bytes that differed.

It may be convenient for you to rename FCMP.EXE to FC.EXE, if you are
accustomed to using the DOS FC command. The syntax is roughly the same.

FCMP does not accept wildcards.
If you want or need to do wildcards, write us and it can be added.

Unlike the MS-DOS FC.EXE command, FCMP only displays one line at a time in
ASCII comparison, and -ONLY- that line. It does not display the lines precede
and follow the lines that are different.

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