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OPENDLG - OS/2 Open File dialog box routines with C source code.
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OPENDLG – OS/2 Open File dialog box routines with C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILEDLG.DLL 21408 11133 deflated
FILEDLG.H 21572 2773 deflated
FILEDLG.HLP 9123 7657 deflated
FILEDLG.LIB 1024 90 deflated
FILEDLG.TXT 21605 2976 deflated
README.DOC 1020 567 deflated
SAMPLE.ZIP 9604 8547 deflated
SOURCE.ZIP 35684 33181 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This software is user-supported software and may be freely
copied and used by anyone who wishes to do so as long as the
following conditions are met:

1. These functions may not be used by any program for
which a fee is charged unless the owner of the program
has paid the registration fee.

2. If you transmit a copy of this software to another
party you must give them the complete unaltered
contents of the FILEDLG.ZIP file.

3. If you make any modifications to these functions you
must change the name of the dynamic link library file
FILEDLG.DLL to some other name.

If you feel that this program has benefited you, please
register it by sending $25.00 to:

Rick Yoder
8790 Rosewood Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46240

phone: 317-846-8034

Registration provides you with direct technical support via
Compuserve (ID 73457,521) and BIX (ID ryoder). It also
provides you with bug fixes and the update to support v1.2
HPFS long file names.

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